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We Are Wolves

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | March 8, 2024

We found some diamonds in the really, really rough in the excellent lesbian S&M horror movie We Are Wolves, written and directed by erotica auteur Rich Mallery. Fenix (Savannah Mares), unsatisfied by the limits of the lovemaking she just engaged in with Sean (Anthony Rainville), tells him she is leaving him right now. Fenix is returning to the house of Selena (Lauren Kravchenko), and Sean reminds her of the awful things that caused her to leave there. He lets her know he will be there again, this time when it doesn’t work out.

“Selena makes it clear that Fenix must obey everything…Fenix agrees, and the games begin.”

Fenix flees and arrives at Selena’s door, pounding on it to get in. The door is opened by Needles (Fawn Winters), who is dressed in a Girl Scout uniform. Needles informs Fenix that she is interrupting and slams the door in her face. After waiting on the porch with no place to go, Fenix is admitted by Needles, who is still upset over how Fenix left. Selena is none too pleased either, with Fenix begging her to be allowed back into the house. Selena makes it clear that Fenix must obey everything and anything this time. Fenix agrees, and the games begin. But not the ones Fenix was expecting or wanting.

It is time for everyone to get hip to the far-out oeuvre of Mallery. We Are Wolves joins his gallery of sexy films with real stories that aren’t boring at all. Ever since the market collapsed for skin flicks, he has been tinkering and re-tooling the whole concept of what an erotic movie can be. A revolutionary of the fallen erotic genre, Mallery is the Radley Metzger of the 21st century. His liberation of the spanker from boredom is a cause for celebration. He makes real movies with real erotic overtones instead of the usual piles of sex posing with faux movie parts pasted in between.

We Are Wolves (2024)

Directed and Written: Rich Mallery

Starring: Savannah Mares, Fawn Winters, Lauren Kravchenko, Anthony Rainville, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

We Are Wolves Image

"…flows like electrical current through a live wire into your lap."

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