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By Alan Ng | May 9, 2022

It’s no secret that to generate box office sales, Hollywood made massive stars out of beautiful people. Director Stacey Souther’s biographic short, Valerie, pays loving tribute to one such beauty, Valerie Perrine. Of course, hardcore movie fans of the 1970s know precisely who she is.

Born in Texas, Perrine got a jump start into show business thanks to her looks and good attitude. After starring in two huge studio films, Slaughterhouse-Five and The Last American Hero, Perrine would make her mark as Honey in the Lenny Bruce biopic, Lenny. Her performance garnered a BAFTA, an award at the Cannes Film Festival, and an Academy Award nomination. Then, Perrine’s fame reached soaring heights as Eve Teschmacher in Richard Donner’s Superman.

“Now in her 70s, Valerie Perrine struggles with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Running at just 36 minutes, Valerie tells two stories. The first is a retrospective of her career with a combination of fresh and archival interviews with friends, colleagues, and fans. Most notable are Jeff Bridges, George Hamilton, Angie Dickenson, Richard Donner, Loni Anderson, David Arquette, and Nel Van Patten. They describe her as a friendly and loving person and a fantastic talk show guest. Perrine had a prolific career, though clearly, Superman was the zenith of her career.

The other plot focuses on the actress today. Now in her 70s, Valerie Perrine struggles with Parkinson’s Disease. She bravely gives us a glimpse into her personal life and daily fight. At one point, she agrees to surgery to help lessen the effects of Parkinson’s with very mixed results.

The beauty of making documentaries is that so many people who have impacted our lives, community, business, and the world can finally have their stories shared with everyone for posterity’s sake. Valerie is a deserving tribute to an incredible actor.

For screening information, visit the official Valerie website.

Valerie (2022)

Directed and Written: Stacey Souther

Starring: Valerie Perrine, Jeff Bridges, George Hamilton, Angie Dickenson, Richard Donner, Loni Anderson, David Arquette, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Valerie Image

"…a deserving tribute to an incredible actor."

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