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Underground Comics of Atlanta

By Parker Whitmore | February 15, 2024

Showcasing a myriad of comedic talent, Underground Comics of Atlanta remains a fantastic platform for burgeoning comedians of all types — and exists as a collection of stand-alone episodes, creating the “first season” of this creative piece of new media.

Underground Comics of Atlanta, created by Jeral Clyde II, is structured as a classic stand-up show, where comedians are introduced by a host and then perform their jokes. What sets this film apart is its addition of an interview afterward, where the host — Mr. Durte — chats with the performers about their lives and insights.

We get to watch these intrepid comedians put themselves out there, standing in a fickle spotlight driven by their paying audience. It’s endearing, enthusiastic, and committed.

“…a fantastic platform for burgeoning comedians of all types.”

In this way, Underground Comics of Atlanta folds a highly personal element into an otherwise impersonal affair. Sadly, the project starts to fall apart when put to this test, dragging along unneeded teasers and focusing too heavily on material that isn’t why we’ve all come along in the first place. Comedy.

The collection would benefit from a reformed structure and tighter intros and outros, with the existing bookends distracting from the vibrant performances we see on-screen. After all, brevity is the soul of wit. As a compilation, it works, but as a film to be watched online, it doesn’t. Production value can’t always be controlled, but consistency certainly can, and that lack of stability is the film’s biggest defect.

Still, unconscious association with our colloquial funny bones is a superpower and one we all should respect, even if a joke lacks substance. Yet, that’s also the magic of comedy. It’s subjective. One man’s funny is another man’s unfunny. Clyde’s Underground Comics of Atlanta might be worth watching if you’re looking for an occasional gem and don’t mind subjecting yourself to a range of comedic sensibilities, but don’t expect brilliance.

Underground Comics of Atlanta (2020)

Directed and Written: Jeral Clyde II

Starring: Piere Escargot, Kamilla Davis, CJ Trowers, Keso Crazae, Kovoski George, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Underground Comics of Atlanta Image

"…remains a fantastic platform for burgeoning comedians of all types."

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