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By Norman Gidney | February 4, 2022

SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2022 REVIEW! Does God exist? Can science prove it? This is the MacGuffin that services the film Ultrainocencia. The Spiritual Primordial Project, a consortium of the most powerful minds in religion and science from around the globe, has decided to prove the existence of God himself. The problem is that the two dolts they choose to conduct the experiment might not be the best candidates. Directed by Manuel Arija de la Cuerda and written by de la Cuerda, David Climent, and Pablo Molinero this comedy works in fits and starts. When it is funny, it’s hilarious, but it equally stumbles and struggles.

The riotous opening sets the bar pretty high as Adan (Pablo Molinero) and Orion (David Climent) are being interviewed by a World Jury for selection in the S.P.P. After a near-calamitous demonstration, a supernatural occurrence makes the lead scientist pay attention. Stephen (Sergi López), in an homage to Dr. Strangelove, accepts Adan and Orion into the project, and their training begins. They are then placed in a metal pod that will house them until they make contact with other dimensions. Using a complicated set of transmitter radios on pullies, the two subjects dance and cavort in their chamber, hoping at some point to make contact with something outside of the material plane.

The Spiritual Primordial Project…has decided to prove the existence of God himself.”

It is here, in the beginning, that Ultrainocencia shines. Molinero and Climent are fearless juggernauts of physical comedy. The two spend long stretches chanting, twisting, and tangling in hopes of reaching another dimension. It’s goofy and hilarious. Of course, as time goes on, there is a bit of dissent between them. Every day they wake up for another day of experimentation in their enclosed capsule, and always ending in failure. What was once an endearing relationship between two quasi-scientists becomes a story of the deterioration of a friendship.

I will give de la Cuerda, Climent, and Molinero credit for tackling heady subject matter with physical comedy. This is broad, goofball physicality that gets dangerously close to cartoonish buffoonery. Yet somehow, the chemistry between the two leads, along with the absurdity of the plot, helps the movie to float on a suspension of disbelief. The problem emerges when the three writers can’t figure out where to go next. There are long stretches where the picture seems to be wandering for another event. This becomes even more apparent toward the end as a conclusion is expected, be it in failure or success of the experiment.

I really enjoyed Ultrainocencia on the simple grounds that it took risks and played things as loony as possible. I adored the characters, the insanity, and above all, the honesty of two best friends rooting for one another in the face of humankind’s greatest mysteries. Two-thirds of the movie is great. The other third needed either trimming or a bit more thought. The best compliment that I could give the sci-fi comedy is that I remember the better moments over the less successful ones. The experiment doesn’t always pan out, but Climent and Molinero are comedy gold.

Ultrainocencia screened at the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival.

Ultrainocencia (2022)

Directed: Manuel Arija de la Cuerda

Written: Manuel Arija de la Cuerda, David Climent, Pablo Molinero

Starring: David Climent, Pablo Molinero, Sergi López, Jordi Aspa, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Ultrainocencia Image

"…Climent and Molinero are comedy gold."

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