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By Alan Ng | April 14, 2020

Everyone loves an underdog story from the Magnificent Seven to The Bad News Bears. The underdog can overcome almost any obstacle by putting one’s mind toward achieving that goal. In Linda Palmer and Laree Griffith’s Turnover, an unlikely band of misfits is brought together to save a small-town French restaurant, The Crêperie Café.

Peter (Paul Guilfoyle) owns the French café with his young manager Henry (Riker Lynch). Henry is a little full of himself and believes the restaurant could be higher class under his control and be franchised starting in Las Vegas. When Henry is recruited by a new Italian restaurant, Peter decides to let him run with his dream. Still, Peter’s soon-to-be ex-wife Fran (Kat Kramer), informs Peter that any franchises will be run by her and their elementary-age son, Sean (Daniel Hoffman).

“…an unlikely band of misfits is brought together to save a small-town French restaurant…”

After experiencing stress pains, Peter goes on vacation for two weeks and leaves Henry in charge of building a new staff for the venture. With Peter away, Fran lets Henry know that she’ll be in charge of the new restaurant. In anger, Henry quits. And, in spite, he hires the worst prospects to run a restaurant—the underdogs.

The Crêperie Café’s new crew consists of lazy millennial hostess Pepper (Isabella Blake Thomas), much older server Gladys (Julia Silverman), handi-capable bussers Charlie (Blair Williamson) and Gina (Jamie Brewer), non-English (let alone non-French) chef Miguel (Carlos Carrasco), and in-desperate-need-of-confidence manager William (Adwin Brown).

Turnover (2020)

Directed: Linda Palmer

Written: Linda Palmer, Laree Griffith

Starring: Paul Guilfoyle, Julia Silverman, Carlos Carrasco, Riker Lynch, Adwin Brown, Blair Williamson, Isabella Blake Thomas, Kat Kramer, Jamie Brewer, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Turnover Image

"…solid storytelling and likable characters."

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