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Truth is the Only Client

By Chris Salce | November 22, 2020

Many documentaries have been made about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Most investigate the assassination and explore the many conspiracy theories surrounding it. Truth is the Only Client attempts to solely examine the truth about the death of John F. Kennedy. Directors Todd Kwait and Rob Stegman get the details from those involved in the famous case that has baffled the world since 1963. The filmmakers interview members of the Warren Commission, judges involved with the original investigations, as well as friends of Lee Harvey Oswald. All those interviewed give their take on why and how they think Oswald acted alone in the assassination and what reasons he would have to commit such a shocking crime.

The main focus of the documentary is Lee Harvey Oswald and how being Marxist and his alleged support for Fidel Castro were the reasons he assassinated John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. The documentary takes a look at how Oswald disagreed with Kennedy’s views toward Cuba and that he believed that the U.S. was attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro.

“…attempts to solely examine the truth about the death of John F. Kennedy.”

What also gets examined is the single bullet and the single shooter theory. These theories are the most controversial when it comes to the assassination. Many people believe that it was impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have acted alone or even get off an accurate shot based on his skills and positioning. Plus, claims abound that more than two shots can be heard and seen in released footage of the incident. The documentary even gives reasons as to why Oswald was not a hired gun by the mafia.

Truth is the Only Client stands out because it actually interviews those close to the investigation rather than getting new investigators to examine the case, which tends to happen in most documentaries. It is very interesting to hear what the people closest to the case have to say, especially the insight that friend of the Oswalds, Ruth Hyde Paine gives. Paine explains that she had no idea that Oswald would do such a thing and talks about the events leading up to the day of the assassination and the aftermath when deputies came to her home to search for evidence linking Lee Harvey Oswald to the crime.

With a title like Truth is the Only Clientone would assume that the focus of the film would likely be debunking all the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s assassination, and that’s exactly the goal of the documentary. The movie wants to put all of the theories to rest, and it may have answered some of the questions, but I do not believe that it will change the mind of a conspiracy theorist. Samuel A. Stern, who was a part of the Warren Commission at one point, says, “Oswald was a very strange fellow, that was another evidence of his strangeness.” When you have a quote like that from an assistant attorney, you really question what logic they looked at this whole investigation with.

The is the Only Client (2020)

Directed and Written: Todd Kwait, Rob Stegman

Starring: Judge Brendan Sheehan, G. Robert Blakey, Judge Burt W. Griffin, Ruth Hyde Paine, Priscilla Johnson McMillan, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The is the Only Client Image

"…gives reasons as to why Oswald was not a hired gun by the mafia."

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