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Tracy Buckles

By Paul Parcellin | June 21, 2018

Webisodes, those mini-series that feature short bursts of comedy, action or drama are among the most creative work coming out these days. The six-episode supernatural comedy, Tracy Buckles, is one fine example. Its quick, punchy episodes are full of gags and smart repartee, and each segment goes down like a slice of cake.

In the first three episodes, or “chapters,” we’re introduced to Tracy (Ana Lake), four years out of high school, who lives with her mother and has some kind of career as a performer — we’ll probably learn more about that as the series progresses. Marvelously self-possessed and quick with a snappy comeback, she seems to enjoy a good deal of quality time with her bong.

“…has some mad witchcraft skills and threw a whammy on Tracy for allegedly stealing her boyfriend.”

After a dustup with her frenemy Janie (Macie Wilson) she finds that people can no longer hear her when she speaks. That might be one of the crueler punishment possible for the feisty twentysomething. Turns out Janie has some mad witchcraft skills and threw a whammy on Tracy for allegedly stealing her boyfriend.

By chance, Tracy meets up with another victim of Janie’s curses, a poor unfortunate known as “No One” (Sergio Gavidia), who was made invisible by the vengeful witch. Tracy is the only one who can see him, and he’s the only person who can hear her speak, so the two decide to team up because, as Tracy observes, together they make one fully functioning person. Their first order of business is to seek out a wizard who can lift the curses that are, to say the least, marginalizing each of them socially.

In all, Tracy Buckles is one of the most fun and entertaining mini comedies you’re likely to see any time soon. Lots of swift one-liners, quick-witted editing and snappy visual jokes keep this slightly unhinged series zooming along. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Tracy Buckles (2018) Directed by Robin Nystrom. Written by Robin Nystrom. Starring Ana Lake, Macie Wilson, Sergio Gavidia, Gale McNeeley, Rosh Wright, Valerie Pallai, Wanda Bailey Adams. Tracy Buckles made its world premiere at the 2018 Dances With Films.

8 out of 10

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  1. Meran niCuill says:

    Valerie Pallai!! Contact me please girl! Been looking for you!

  2. Liza Peterzon says:

    I love it too. And I also love the music. Hope to see a lot more of this serie soon!

  3. Dalton says:

    Best mini series yet!! Someone make her big!

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