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Time Trap

By Bobby LePire | November 2, 2018

Time Trap begins with Taylor (Reiley McClendon) and Jackie (Brianne Howey) searching for their missing professor, Hopper (Andrew Wilson). Hopper went spelunking in a cave system which may hold the secret to the Fountain of Youth. The students enlist Taylor’s friend Cara (Cassidy Gifford), her younger sister Veeves (Olivia Draguicevich), and Veeves’s overzealous schoolmate Furby (Max Wright) to aid in their quest.

The group finds Hopper’s car and a rope leading to a series of cavernous tunnels. They leave Furby, who is documenting the trip, as a lookout in case something happens. Everyone else repels down to look for clues. While exploring, weird noises occur over the walkie-talkies. Taylor suspects Furby is messing around, but upon seeing the ropes split and cut on the cave floor, the friends begin to worry about Furby.

Cara free climbs out and takes video of an almost unrecognizable landscape, but upon going back down, the others question her, as she was gone for one minute. Confused, Cara shows them the video she took of her time on the surface. As they dissect the video frame by frame, it dawns on everyone that ten seconds in the cave is more than a year above ground. Taylor, Jackie, Cara, and Veeves decide to continue searching for Hopper, as he might know how to get them back to their own time.

“…spelunking in a cave system which may hold the secret to the Fountain of Youth.”

Written by Mark Dennis, who also co-directs with Ben Foster (no relation to the actor of the same name), Time Trap’s screenplay is intelligent and wildly fun. But, there is one issue with the film, and that is the ending. Throughout the film, a growing sense of desperation and despair mounts, until a visually remarkable sequence close to the end shows the Fountain of Youth proper. However, the final few minutes of this sci-fi mind-bender clean everything up far too tidy and neatly. Without spoiling anything the ending is entirely wholesome, which makes it feel like a cop-out that does a tiny disservice to the tone and atmosphere Time Trap has been setting up from the first frame.

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  1. Scott Carson says:

    I enjoyed watching Max Wright playing the character Furby in”Time Trap. His character kind of reminded me of the young kid that was in the old TV series Voyagers that aired from 1982 to 83. If they ever think of rebooting Voyagers as Max Wright would be ideal to play that kids role.

  2. Richard says:

    Habrá una 2 parte ??? Me quedé con ganas de seguir viendo

  3. Gosiek says:

    Ludziska pomóżcie chciała bym obejrzeć ten film 2 części ale nie mogę znaleźć do niego odpowiedniego linku pomożecie😀?

  4. Luke ricketts says:

    I just watch the movie on Netflix and I really enjoyed it hope there is going to be a number 2 because I want to see what happens coz they are the oldest people alive

  5. Apocalypso says:

    I’m just wondering why they didn’t use the cave to travel to a future where time travel exists, and then use said time travel to return to their original time. They had all the resources to get back, they just needed patience and planning.

  6. Shelia Harris says:

    This was a really good movie that should have been made into a series.
    Somewhat like the new Lost in space mixed
    with Continuim.
    I really enjoyed this film and wish they would continue this project.

    • Jackie scalar says:

      Does anybody else wonder y the aliens/us went in and saved the kids and hopper and his parents but didn’t pull any of the conquistadors or other fighters out?? Especially since the girl said “we’re kind of a big deal around here”. Ud think they’d have pulled out more people…imo

      • Scott Carson says:

        I believe that being in the spacesuit was one of the humans born on Mars and was use to breathing a thinner atmosphere and couldn’t breathe the heavy Earth atmosphere.

      • Stassi says:

        I think bc those ppl came there to war over the water that was “the fountain of youth.” Hopper & the kids were there for selfless purposes so they deserved to be rescued.

  7. Tia says:

    Maybe the problem with the ending is that the characters did not do anything to save themselves or resolve the story. Basically, they are rescued by aliens. This is rather unsatisfying even though it was a cool ending.

  8. Luke says:

    I really enjoyed this movie too. I reminds me of the original Jumanji and a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

    Can someone explain to me why Furby’s voice sounds different through the walkie talkies? Was there a time shift?

  9. Liz Myers says:

    I really really hope there is a second one too! I LOVED this movie! I want to know more about after they escaped the cave!

  10. Melanie Gorniak says:

    Oh man i hope they bring out a second one. I really enjoyed this movie.

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