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By Alan Ng | September 6, 2022

Empathy and balance is the reason you must see This Land. It may be one of the last films to come out that seeks to unite a massively divided country. It doesn’t take sides politically but is more than willing to present both sides and show that our politics and our personal lives are not as binary as the national narrative would lead us to believe. It also shows that if we understand the lives of our political “adversaries,” then maybe we can find compassion and understanding in return.

Considering the large number of subjects featured, the true stars are editors Sam Zarrin and Matthew Palmer, along with their army of cinematographers led by supervisor Edgar Dubrovskiy. First, the pacing is perfect. For a documentary that’s barely 100 minutes long, you get serious bang for your buck. The talking-head interviews are blended with people’s daily routines, and opinions are drawn out as a thought in the moment versus rehearsed.

“…a piece of art….”

Visually, This Land captured every shot as a piece of art and strung them together like a poem or portrait of this nation. It never goes to the extremes of devout patriotism or extreme anarchy. The visual beauty is disturbed by sour newscasts of the mainstream media.

No one would argue against the idea that politics is what’s dividing us as a nation. This Land is trying to show that we have so much more in common than not. We’re all just trying to make it from day to day, providing for ourselves and our loved ones. We can choose to overcome and learn from our differences or not. Either way, Palmer’s feature is probably one of the most important documentaries to watch, especially as November approaches.

This Land is available now on all Video On Demand platforms.

This Land (2022)

Directed and Written: Matthew Palmer

Starring: Matthew Palmer, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

This Land Image

"…one of the most important documentaries to watch, especially as November approaches."

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