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The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story

By Josiah Teal | August 12, 2020

“I know how good I am. I need to prove it to everybody else,” proclaims Q. T. Marshall, “God’s Gift to Pro-Wrestling,” as he embarks on his journey to WWE stardom in The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story. This documentary gives an exclusive look into the world of professional wrestling through training centers, backstage preparation, cutting promo reels, and into the ring itself. Facing challenges of age and missed opportunities, Q.T. is given an audition for the WWE, but does he have what it takes to make it in the big leagues, or will he tap out just short of his dream?

The film opens with veteran indie wrestler “Q.T. Marshall” Cuellari working at his stepfather’s tool company and coaching up-and-coming wrestlers at The Monster Factory, a local gym for pro-wrestlers. Despite being praised as a gifted coach, Q.T. hopes for a shot at finally making it to the WWE. As the film progresses, WWE Hall of Famer and talent scout, Gerald Brisco, comes to the Monster Factory in search of new athletes to bring to the biggest stage in pro-wrestling. Footage of Q.T.’s best matches, strenuous training, and smooth-talking promos light up the screen as he gears up for his final shot at fulfilling his dream.

“…Q.T. hopes for a shot at finally making it to the WWE.”

A major highlight of this documentary is the behind the scenes look at pro-wrestling from a wrestler’s perspective. The film goes to great lengths to show the comradery and dedication of each wrestler, especially Q.T., puts into their craft. Intercutting candid moments in the gym with heartfelt interviews and action-filled wrestling montages, the movie has a consistent flow that puts audiences right in the center of every interview and every match. However, the conclusion of the film is very abrupt. The primary arc of Q.T.’s career and pursuit of his dream play out on ending title cards rather than actual footage, leaving the story with little closure. Despite the sudden ending, The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story showcases the personality and commitment of Q.T. in a way that can draw in even the most skeptical viewer.

I felt this film was a great look into the process of becoming a pro-wrestler and – even more so – the trials of following a dream. The ending is very sudden and really left me wanting more. I was invested in Q.T.’s story, and I wanted to see his decision to train the next generation of wrestling legends rather than read about it. Despite any shortcomings, I do recommend this documentary to any fans of pro-wrestling or even fans of dream pursuit documentaries such as Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

The documentary gives insight to the world of pro-wrestling in a very personal and honest way, from chasing down dreams to having the strength to carry on when you come up short. The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story has something for wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike.

The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story (2017)

Directed: Frank Zarrillo


Starring: Q.T. Marshall, Danny Cage, Blue Meanie, Bill Wiles, Carolyn Cuellari, Luis Martinez, Matt Riddle, Gerald Brisco, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story  Image

"…gives insight to the world of pro-wrestling in a very personal and honest way...."

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