By Elias Savada | June 19, 2014

“The Visit” (originally “Odwiedziny”) is a bold and simple film. And a rather sad one. From Studio Munka, which also is offering “21 Days” on the same “Shorts Program: Odds and Ends,” this Polish entry might make you reconsider whether or not you want to get old. It can be lonely there.

A handful of residents from a welfare home in Sokole have a lush, forest surrounding them. Every Sunday, family and friends can visit. As Matej Bobrik’s film begins, there is anticipation afoot. Gotta look good. Gotta be ready. The camera, still as a rock, barely moves out of its frame. And it lingers, stretching the wait to a small eternity. The editing is just simple cutting, too. There is no dialogue. A man paces to and fro as the birds chirp and the animals screech. Cigarette butts get tossed, maybe some candy chewed.


The winds pick up and something does arrive. Thunder and rain. But no light, or lightning. Man it sucks growing old.

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