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By Eric Campos | August 31, 2004

Obsessed with porn and desperate to meet some loose ladies, four friends pack up the beer bong and hit the road for the land of porn – Van Nuys, California. These confused boys believe that once achieving their destination, they’ll be neck deep in tits and a*s, but just as any Huckleberry who travels to Hollywood in the hopes of instantly being transformed into a star, they’re in for a big disappointment…well, most of them are anyways.
“The Van Nuys Project” goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a brain bubbling original idea to make a film. What you do need, is a talented cast that people will want to watch and, in this case, a tremendous sense of humor that translates well to film, so you’re not just relaying a bunch of inside jokes that only you and your cohorts will get a kick out of. Not that this is a mainstream Disney comedy that will appeal to men, women and children of all ages, but it certainly has a big audience out there just waiting to laugh their a***s off at these hilarious characters and their ridiculous mission.
“The Van Nuys Project” – goes well with a few beers and at least a hint of a dirty mind.

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