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The Uncle No Rules Show

By Lorry Kikta | October 28, 2018

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into when I agreed to review The Uncle No Rules Show, I must admit that I saw the names Marky Ramone and Kool Keith and just went with it. However, I am very glad that I decided to give this short descent into ADHD-mushroom-trip-nostalgic-madness a watch. It is an amalgamation of disparate influences, such as Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!, The Idiot Box, Troma Entertainment, Leigh Bowery, and (oddly enough) Jean Claude Van Damme.  

The Uncle No Rules Show is framed as sort of a public access morning talk show, and it technically fits that bill. There is a DIY-craft segment, a cooking segment, some special guests, and even a charismatic announcer. The twist is that all these segments are garish, nonsensical, sometimes disgusting non-sequiturs of total hilarious insanity. There is also an audience, that changes somewhat each time they’re shown on camera. The applause is half real and half laugh track, and I’m so impressed that someone took the mind of a stoned Brooklynite who’s watched every television show on Earth and might be possessed by Satan and put it onscreen.

“…framed as sort of a public access morning talk show, and it technically fits that bill.”

That someone is Richie Brown, prolific Brooklyn visual and video artist, who also stars as the titular Uncle. His aesthetic is very much the product of someone who grew up on the cusp of the 80’s-90’s. I feel like I get this guy even though I have never met him. I want to though, because this show and his other art, which you can see at his website,, is just incredible and hard to put in a cute box with a bow, unless the bow is made of neon intestines and the box contains the entryway to the 9th dimension.

The first episode of the show, which I hope continues, is on YouTube and I pretty much demand everyone to watch it immediately. I’ll tell you as much more as I can about it without ruining it for you. There’s a special appearance by ½ of Prince Rama, renowned NYC “performance absurdist”, Muffinhead, as well as Kool Keith. Marky Ramone is the announcer with a microphone made out of (waxy) ears on an eyeless mouthless head. There’s a guy in a neon green jumpsuit with nipple tassles river-dancing, and let me say that he gives Michael Flatley a run for his money. Also, we can’t forget the vegan nachos with A BEAN IN EVERY BITE.

“…a guy in a neon green jumpsuit with nipple tassles river-dancing…”

This review is short because I feel like saying too much about The Uncle No Rules Show will ruin the experience for anyone viewing it. It’s 27 minutes long and worth every weird-as-f**k second. The set design (thanks to Brown himself and Jeila Anderson) and costume design (thanks to Jeila Anderson again, as well as House of Hallucination, and Muffinhead) are incredible, and the music fits the dissociative nature of the show. There’s a large team of content creators that helped make this show possible, and I appreciate all they put into this awesome blast to my brain.

Again, I’ll repeat, watch this IMMEDIATELY. It’s one of the most original pieces of absurd comedy I’ve seen in quite some time. Also, Richie, Marc, and Chris  if any of you are reading this, put me on the show!!!!

The Uncle No Rules Show Created and Directed by Richie Brown, Marc Santo, and Chris Parker. Starring Richie Brown, Marky Ramone, Kool Keith, Taraka Larson, Muffinhead, Sucklord, Sarah (Squirm) Sherman, Brandon Asraf, Rich Awn, Tatiana Butler, George Carruth, House of Hallucination, Wolfgang Anderson, Ursula Anderson, Keryn Thompson.

10 out of 10 Vegan Nachos (with a bean in every bite)

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  1. Simon says:

    I really dug it! The stop motion animation was cool as hell.

    “Trying is the first step to failure” is my new mantra. Haha…

    I think the show could be a monument to fantastically inane.

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