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The Things We Cannot Change

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | September 29, 2022

Watch strung-out vampires struggle to get off the red stuff in writer/director Joshua Nelson’s addictive horror comedy, The Things We Cannot Change. It opens in a mist-filled chamber of darkness with figures sitting around a candle-lit table. In this inner sanctum, Dr. Abraham (Richard Rampolla) provides therapy sessions to fight chronic blood feeding. A vampire himself, Dr. Abraham has a theory that blood is not needed to survive. It is just horribly craved. He works with other vampires who dislike the monsters they have become to fight the cravings.

A vampire himself, Dr. Abraham has a theory that blood is not needed to survive.”

There is housewife Kristen (Jenn Nobile), teenager Zoey (Jennifer Torres), her unsuspecting human mother (Suzanne Johnson), and Elise (Julia Wyrzuc), who drank her roommate in college. She teams up with fellow blood junkie Nico (Jeff Clark Jr.) so that they can help each other stay clean. Another couple, Sharon (Laurie Tieman) and Logan (Tony Murphy), want to stop because their kid walked in on them feeding once.

However, rebellious Veronica (Laure Lemire) keeps questioning Dr. Abraham’s methods and attitude. She feels that instead of repressing one’s dependence on blood, one should embrace it as their true nature. For everyday office vampires like spunky Lucy (Katie Raulerson), Veronica’s philosophy is just what she has always been looking for. Meanwhile, Kristen’s friend Victoria (Debra Holtzman) is begging to be turned, as she has lost all purpose in life. When Kristin refuses, Victoria starts hanging around with Veronica. Can these bloodsuckers stop their ceaseless sucking?

The Things We Cannot Change (2022)

Directed and Written: Joshua Nelson

Starring: Richard Rampolla, Jenn Nobile, Laure Lemire, Katie Raulerson, Jennifer Torres, Suzanne Johnson, Julia Wyrzuc, Jeff Clark Jr., etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The Things We Cannot Change Image

"…the blood-addict planet of the film is recognizable and rings true."

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