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The Seduction of Rose Parrish

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | January 18, 2022

Things are steaming up with the dead in Charles Band’s sensual short The Seduction of Rose Parrish. Rose Parrish (Kelly Conner) has moved back to the family manor after having her heart broken by a cheating bastard. Her dear Aunt Savannah (Lily Knight) shows her around the estate and points out the antique decor with hand-carved faces in the woodwork. Aunt Savannah seems worried the spirits in the house may lure darling Rose in. Soon enough, the young lady starts catching glimpses of the long-dead Thomas (Justin Gerhard), a hot piece of ghost meat ready for searing. Mirrors swirl with smoke, and Rose feels like she is flying through the air with Thomas at her fingertips. As Thomas gets bolder, his apparition gets warmer and more solid.

“…the young lady starts catching glimpses of the long-dead Thomas…”

This is an excellent vehicle for a revival of the 1990s erotica genre. The Seduction of Rose Parrish makes sure it is a class act throughout its entire 30-minute runtime. The gothic mansion creates the perfect atmosphere for Rose’s moody horniness. The wood-carved faces are a special treat, especially when they start moving. There is also a purple smoke effect on the mirrors that looks spiffy. The nudity is brief and tastefully done, just enough to keep layering the tension. Everything still explodes at the end in a delightful patty-smack; it’s just not a spank show getting there. In terms of spicy viewing with a partner, this format is a fancy erotic dinner instead of a bag of porn tacos. 

Kelly Conner does a superb job in her screen debut as Rose. She is likable and sympathetic as a lead and should appear in more projects. Lily Knight does a great job, as always. Justin Gerhard handles his duties as the object of desire well enough. The only weak area is he never shows even a little bit of the trunk of his tree. Considering its short running time, it seems The Seduction of Rose Parrish is testing the waters for the demand for this kind of entertainment. Come on in, the water is fine.

The Seduction of Rose Parrish (2021)

Directed and Written: Charles Band

Starring: Kelly Conner, Justin Gerhard, Lily Knight, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Seduction of Rose Parrish Image

"…Conner does a superb job..."

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