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The Runner

By Enrique Acosta | November 6, 2019

What The Runner lacks in stunning visuals it more than makes up for with mediocre acting. Now usually, you’d have to go to a small-town community theater to see acting of this caliber. But lucky you, all you have to do is watch it online. I suppose it saves you the problem of getting dressed and leaving the house.

With only about 10 minutes per episode, you’d think they’d want something to happen. But, little of any importance does for the first three episodes. It’s not until episode four when Nate has to save Zoe from a Québécois rapist. The rapist is an old friend who she screwed over on a deal, so now he feels he’s owed…well, a rape. That chain of events doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well, that is how much of The Runner plays out. Things just sort of happen. But then perhaps they were just making it up as they went along since there is no screenwriter credited.

“…tells him everything Roman’s man was going to do. Based on what? Psychic intuition?

For example, by episode six, I counted three times (minimum) that Zoe could have escaped. It seems odd she’d stay on the trip considering what is waiting for her. Or one of Roman’s men wants to mess with Nate’s car. Somehow Nate just knows. He chases down Roman’s man, and Nate tells him everything Roman’s man was going to do. Based on what? Psychic intuition?

There are twists, there are turns, there are complications, and there are explanations, but in the end, all the Runner can ever hope to be is an amateurish mess. Devoid of sense or art, it rambles along to an inevitable conclusion that is a big ball of “I just don’t give a care.” Give it a pass.

The Runner (2019)

Directed: Sara Martins, Ant Horasanlni


Starring: Tyler Blake Smith, Nicola Posener, Gregoray Hlady, etc.

Movie score: 1/10

The Runner Image

"…to retrieve a runaway courier who also happens to be his ex, Zoe…"

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