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The Roommate Contract

By Alan Ng | June 4, 2024

The formula for a rom-com is not as complicated as you may think. Put two love-struck protagonists in an impossible situation, sit back, then let Cupid work. In Lydia Muir’s The Roommate Contract, Aiysha (Korina Deming) is living on her best friend Kara’s (Regan Hicks) couch, and Kara can’t let her live there anymore. Meanwhile, Nathan (Daniel Kim) is helping his best friend, Sebastian (Samekh Resh), move out of their apartment.

While on an app date, our lovers Aiysha and Nathan hit it off immediately. When Aiysha lets it slip that she needs to find an apartment, the noble Nathan offers the extra room in his apartment to Aiysha under the condition that they can no longer pursue a romance while they are cohabitating. Nathan goes as far as to make Aiysha sign a contract to that effect. But can Aiysha and Nathan keep their relationship professional and avoid falling in love?

“When Aiysha lets it slip that she needs to find an apartment, the noble Nathan offers the extra room…”

The Roommate Contract is an episodic tale running roughly thirty minutes over three episodes. Episode one is the setup, two is the complication, and three is the resolution. First, The Roommate Contract is a simple romance, and Korina Deming and Daniel Kim have great chemistry together, which is the only element that counts in a rom-com. Even though I know how this tale will end, I’m rooting for them all the way.

Though the series is shot on a micro-budget, the only downside of The Roommate Contract is the length. It’s too damn short. The story is rushed…in other words, it shows the potential to be much more significant. The main idea of platonic/romantic roommates is a strong one and could quickly grow into a feature. Either way, if you love love, check out The Roommate Contract.

The Roommate Contract (2024)

Directed and Written: Lydia Muir

Starring: Korina Deming, Daniel Kim, Regan Hicks, Samekh Resh, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

The Roommate Contract Image

"…It's too damn shows the potential to be much more significant."

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