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Guy Friends

By Bobby LePire | May 30, 2024

Guy Friends, written and directed by Jonathan Smith, may sound like a romantic comedy, albeit one with a somewhat absurd premise. While it is true that this is a comedy, and romance is involved to some degree, it’s not a rom-com. Rather, it is about loving and accepting oneself, finding people one can truly rely on no matter what, and yeah, maybe falling in love, if that is something one seeks.

“…Patrick asks to break up, blindsiding Jamie. The next day…Bradley professes his undying love to her.”

Jamie (Kavita Jariwala) is in a committed relationship with Patrick (Michael Dahlgren). Jamie has no female friends; all her close pals are men. There’s Terrence (Jonathan Smith), a college friend living on the other side of the country in Seattle. Jamie told her neighbor Bradley (James Redfern) about a great resort nestled in the Catskills that he and his family loved. The elderly doorman is Phillip (Brett Eidman), who has found new enthusiasm in life due to a creative writing course he’s taking at the behest of his favorite resident. Ralph (Wilson Conkwright) is a rideshare driver who just always happens to be right outside her building. She gives him feedback on his photographic art as he ferries her to the cafe, where she picks up coffee for her boss, the famed architect Mr. Vanderbilt (Patrick Collins). The barista, Simon (Mike Drosos), feels he’s a loser, but Jamie tells him that he has such a large heart and can make a difference one day if he really tries. She always gives her co-worker Max (Jorge Lucas) StubHub gift cards from her cousin because she’s too busy to go to any concerts. Her dearest friend is Ted (Justin Clark), with whom she meets up most days to catch up.

One day, seemingly out of nowhere, Patrick asks to break up, blindsiding Jamie. The next day, as Jamie heads out for work, Bradley professes his undying love to her. This puts Jamie off. But then Phillip and Ralph do the same thing. Simon, Max, and even Mr. Vanderbilt all claim they are in love with Jamie. Things get even worse when Terrence calls and says he’s heading to NYC to see her. The only person not trying to get with Jamie is Ted, as he’s working up the courage to propose to his significant other, Sandy (Katie Muldowney). Jamie and Sandy finally meet, and they get on quite well. In fact, Jamie begins to question why she never had any female friends before because of Sandy’s forthrightness and the fun they have together.

Guy Friends (2024)

Directed and Written: Jonathan Smith

Starring: Kavita Jariwala, Justin Clark, Katie Muldowney, Michael Dahlgren, James Redfern, Brett Eidman, Wilson Conkwright, Patrick Collins, Mike Drosos, Jorge Lucas, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Guy Friends Image

"…full of humor and heart..."

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