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By Doug Brunell | August 15, 2006

Pity the residents of Los Angeles. While a good portion of the world struggles with out of control weather that devastates lives, and others scavenge for whatever food they can find, the Angelenos are given the thankless task of providing the world its entertainment. After all, nothing takes the sting out of a tidal wave that’s carried off your wife and kids like a Jim Carrey movie.

“The Plight of the Angelenos” is a dry (sometimes too dry) comedy that plays as if it is a serious cultural lesson. Adding to the humor is the fact that there are certain people who won’t get the joke and will think this is all very official. Hats off to the crew for playing it straight. (And it doesn’t hurt that the narrator, Jackie Birtles, has an English accent. That helps sell anything to Americans.)

The only fault to be found with this film is that there are too many missed opportunities. There were quite a few potshots that weren’t taken. Instead of seventeen minutes, they should have gone for at least an hour. There’s more than enough material floating around out there for that. Despite that, it is still an enjoyable way to spend some time … and maybe — if you’re cruel — you can fool a few of your less intelligent friends who were in the audience for the opening night showing of “Little Man.” Just don’t expect them to look at the film the same way you do.

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