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By Mark Bell | March 9, 2008

“The Rambler” is a creepy, dark masterpiece. Quite simply a genre-friendly, grindhouse-feeling bad acid trip through intestinal discomfort Hell. I don’t want to go into too many details; honestly don’t want to say much about what happens or spoil anything at all.

The Rambler is just that, a man in a cowboy hat and sunglasses who makes his way through life just a-rambling on. One day while hitchhiking he accepts a ride from a strange man who takes him home to meet his ill daughter.

And that’s all I’m sharing, because you don’t need to know what happens, you need to experience it; see if you can make it through it. I have reactions to certain types of gore, let’s call them “sympathy pains,” and “The Rambler” had me suffering through every one of them. But it was worth it.

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