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The Other Side of the Ring

By Josiah Teal | May 19, 2021

A retrospective in the careers of five female wrestlers, The Other Side of the Ring takes viewers behind the scenes as a woman in the world of wrestling entertainment. Writer and director Jeremy Norrie gives audiences all access through unfiltered interviews about the highs and lows of wrestling on the biggest stages. It’s a documentary made for wrestling fans that puts women at the heart of the narrative. Whether you are a pro-wrestling historian or woman looking to get in the ring, this film will show you the ropes.

Each interviewee discusses classic topics such as: Is wrestling real or fake? What’s it like to be a female wrestler? And how do you become a pro-wrestler? Everything cumulates into an informative dive beyond the ring, locker room, and the business itself. The filmmaker starts by showing how these women found wrestling and their journey on the indie circuit, intercut with personal triumphs. Keta Meggett discusses the creation of her character. Shelly Martinez tells about her time in the WWE.

“…starts by showing how these women found wrestling and their journey on the indie circuit…”

Hearing these wrestlers talk shop is the biggest highlight of the movie. Even if you are ignorant to the finer points of wrestling in general, it’s just plain cool to hear them talk about the industry. The Other Side of the Ring does a good job conveying how wrestling empowered these women. Even with limited footage due to COVID, Norrie uses the interviews to tell a compelling story. 

The Other Side of the Ring has such a fascinating subject. Even as an outsider to the world of wrestling, the documentary instantly drew me in. Despite my fascination, I must admit the narrative did struggle to hold my attention in places. The interviews are great, but they feel like extended interviews rather than talking heads in a story. Moments about character origins are engaging but, the “real or fake” debate drags on, and with limited footage, the production feels like a podcast than a film.

I can see The Other Side of the Ring as a good title for hardcore wrestling fans and certainly for women involved in the industry or want to be. The film is informative for days, but if you are looking for POVs of massive slams, this may not be you.

The Other Side of the Ring (2021)

Directed and Written: Jeremy Norrie

Starring: Delilah Doom, Shelly Martinez, Keta Meggett, Katarina Leigh Waters, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

The Other Side of the Ring Image

"…does a good job conveying how wrestling empowered these women."

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