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The Operative

By Alex Saveliev | August 2, 2019

Talk about a bummer. Yuval Adler’s latest somber spy thriller The Operative is about as far removed from the likes of The Bourne Identity or 007 as a film about international espionage could be. In theory, a low-key depiction of undercover conspiracies would be welcome to counterbalance the overwrought escapades of our beloved cinematic spy heroes. Yet the same fate befalls Adler’s feature like the one that cursed James Marsh’s similarly low-key Shadow Dancer. Both films take “understated” to such an extreme. Everything becomes muted including the incessant, hushed plotting in dimly-lit rooms; the distant protagonists and their murky motivations, and, crucially, the point of the entire film. Its dismal grey/brown color palette doesn’t help the film’s sluggish pacing, making The Operative one of the most head-scratching, aggravating experiences of the year so far.

What makes it so infuriating is that Adler’s feature contains patches that truly work. Certain sequences sizzle with tension. It has two committed lead performances that attempt to puncture through the ambiguity of their characters with their charisma. Yet it leaves off right where it starts, ending abruptly and providing no resolution, no semblance of catharsis. If the decision to leave things unresolved was purposeful, perhaps to emphasize how global conflicts have no resolution, then it was misguided as well. Those characters, this story, needed a coherent denouement – otherwise, we’re left with a meandering circle-jerk.

“Rachel begins to integrate herself in Iran… all the while preparing for the ultimate mission: to infiltrate an influential businessman…”

I’ll try to summarize the needlessly-complex plot succinctly. Retired Mossad operative Thomas (Martin Freeman) has his morning jog in Cologne interrupted when his recruit, Rachel (Diane Kruger), contacts him after going MIA for a year. Rachel is a psychologically-unstable agent with a shadowy background. Thomas gets called into headquarters where, together with Head Operative Joe (Yohanan Herson), he attempts to uncover Rachel’s motives.

The Operative (2019)

Directed and Written: Yuval Adler

Starring: Diane Kruger, Martin Freeman, Cas Anvar, Rotem Keinan, Kate Nichols, Yohanan Herson, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

The Operative Image

"…"...frequent shots of Clair making eye contact with wolves represent their kinship...""

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  1. Ric CHAVEZ says:

    Nice piece, action, suspense and acting. Don’t leave us hanging and have sequel.

  2. Lisa says:

    Fabulous movie, loved every minute, great actors…….surely there will be a sequel with an open ending like that!

  3. J.Howard says:

    Different point of view. A woman taking on a job, meant for a male. Knowing she will be treated differently, she goes with the flow, only to be turned on by her own operatives. More realistic, not a Ms James Bond.

  4. Millie says:

    Where part two

  5. Ana says:

    The film’s ending is so abrupt. The film ends in the middle of an action sequence, literally. With a lot of unresolved matters left to the imagination. The sad thing is that the movie has brilliant parts in it, and such great actors too. I don’t know anything about making movies of course, and I don’t consider myself an expert, but, a sad or an unjust or even a devastating ending is better than no ending at all.

  6. Yvonne Rosario says:

    Good movie but…Ugh hated the ending…

  7. The Operative - NewsFind says:

    […] Talk about a bummer. Yuval Adler’s latest somber spy thriller The Operative is about as far removed from the likes of The […] Source link […]

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