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The Nest

By Bobby LePire | July 28, 2021

This is not to discount Trudrung’s perfect screenplay for The Nest. While a few cliches are present, and the ending might leave some viewers wanting more answers, she’s crafted a truly original story. Each line of dialogue is there to advance the plot or characters, but never in a way that feels wholly expository or perfunctory. Critical character information is always present when need be, but Trudrung never stops the momentum just to ensure audiences understand a specific plot point or character trait.

The cast also delivers in a big way. Murphy plays the frustrated, but loving husband/father well and really sells the scares. Navratil is stupendous as the confused, concerned, and terrified Beth. Her reaction to Meg’s hoarding and erratic behavior is believable, as is Navratil’s love for her on-screen daughter. Dee Wallace has been acting for 50 or so years, and there’s a good reason she’s had such a long, prosperous career. She is nothing but superb as the bizarre, perhaps in-on-it, Marissa.

“…something unique: original and absolutely scary.”

However, it is the young Maple Suttles (I presume she’s related to the director somehow, but am uncertain) who steals the entire film. Her switch from energetic and carefree to stiff, angry, and frightening is so visceral that those watching feel each outburst as if it is targeting them. Bear in mind, The Nest is her first acting gig of any kind, and she knocks it out of the park. If she so chooses, Suttles can easily have a gratifying career in the world of cinema.

The Nest is something unique: original and absolutely scary. This is thanks to the brilliant screenplay, captivating cinematography, strong direction, and excellent acting. So what’s your excuse for not having watched this Wild Eye release yet?

The Nest (2021)

Directed: James Suttles

Written: Jennifer Trudrun

Starring: Sarah Navratil, Maple Suttles, Kevin Patrick Murphy, Dee Wallace, Drez Ryan, Blaque Fowler, Anna Lynn Holleman, Penny Munroe, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

The Nest Image

"…Maple Suttles...steals the entire film."

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