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The Long Dig

By Bobby LePire | February 22, 2020

An exposition dump via flashback to Eve’s significant other, who had mapped out a path to a clearing (a section of land with no mist), lasts too long. But it also firmly establishes what motivates Eve to see this through, no matter the cost. When Seamus refuses to go with Ioseph, the audience quickly understands the dangers this man presents.

What is less clear at any point during The Long Dig is the world and a particular aspect of the main three’s backstory. See, while the ultimate idea of getting to the clearing is well-established, the why and how these three are outcasts is muddled. How does the pink mist cause hallucinations? Did it kill off wildlife as well as humans? Why does being a criminal exile Eve, Seamus, and Laren, as opposed to landing them in jail? Where were they exiled from? Did they meet in exile?

“…evident that the two writers want to do right by the source material, as there are genuine attempts at pathos…”

Moreover, if this is some post-apocalyptic setting, what kind of society still exists to enforce these rules? For that matter, what do the scavenged electronics do for those who pay for it? While that may be a lot of questions, none of them are nitpicky. Their answers are vital if the filmmakers want the viewer to understand what is happening in the plot and why. But The Long Dig never bothers with them.

The Long Dig is decently acted, well filmed, with lots of interesting lighting choices, and the effects are not too shabby, all things considered. Plus co-writer-director Tom R. Pike, and star-co-writer Kate Hackett are clearing trying to do right by the source material. But, without any prior knowledge of the Aeronauts game and its world, The Long Dig fails to invest the audience in its plotline.

The Long Dig (2020)

Directed: Tom R. Pike

Written: Tom R. Pike, Kate Hackett

Starring: Kate Hackett, Sarah Cortez, Paul Todd, Cliff Simon, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

The Long Dig Image

"…admirable and impressive that these fans of this RPG brought it to life."

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