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The Exigency

By Alan Ng | February 13, 2020

I’ve dabbled enough into computer animation to know that I have no patience for it. First, hats off to director Cody Vibbart for piecing together an entire feature-length, sci-fi, animated film titled The Exigency. Look, no one has the money and resources of Disney or Pixar to produce high-quality animation, but Vibbart understands his limitations and perseveres none-the-less. Films where the filmmakers overextend themselves and land on the brink of exhaustion, well, these are the films we like to champion.

The Exigency opens Kyle Burton (Tom Haney), a businessman with a promising career, as he’s called into the penthouse office of company head, Mr. Valentino (Si Hawk). Valentino, between practice golf swings on an unsuspecting city below, tells Kyle that he’s an up-and-coming star and deserves a huge promotion. As soon as Kyle accepts the offer, a laser beam from an alien ship outside the window nails Mr. Valentino dead. Though, the weapons grid on the alien ship actually had its guns set on Kyle and Kyle alone, who immediately flees.

“…as Kyle accepts the promotion, a laser beam from an alien ship outside the window nails Mr. Valentino dead.”

Now chased across a very large city by two alien ships, Burton must find a way to save his wife Melissa (Alexis Danner) at home and their two children, Timmy (Warren Halderman) and Backy (Kayla Vibbart), who are at school. The police and the army attempt to protect Burton and the rest of the citizens from the massive amount of destruction, though their guns and bullets are useless. Silly humans. Soon the Burton clan is captured, and we discover that he is actually an alien from the planet, Gallesha. Scratch that, he’s human, and the Galleshans colonized Earth as part of an experiment many millennia ago.

Now getting even truthier, Burton is known as Ander on his home planet of Gallesha. He’s a war hero, who after making a crucial wrong decision, banished himself to Earth. Believing he was well hidden, he started a family on his new home planet.

Before Ander left, Gallesha and rival planet Anumbis were supposedly at peace, which makes abandoning the life Ander knew an easy decision. While Gallesha lay content and their king growing lazy, Anumbis used this tranquil time to amass a large space force. They then went to conquer Gallesha and enslave its people. Going back to the start, Anumbis attacked Earth to kill Ander, the only real threat to their plan, and Gallesha intervened, kidnapping Ander and family to bring peace once and for all. But it’s ain’t that easy.

The Exigency (2019)

Directed and Written: Cody Vibbart

Starring: Tom Haney, Alexis Danner, Warren Halderman, Kayla Vibbart, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Exigency Image

"…exudes the spirit of independent filmmaking..."

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