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The Lone Wolf (O Lobo Solitári)

By Alan Ng | November 3, 2022

In Filipe Melo’s short film, The Lone Wolf (O Lobo Solitário), we find out what happens when a celebrity is called out publically for his alleged past.

Vitor Lobo (Adriano Luz) is a famous talk show host, loved and admired by many. “Feelings and Emotions” is the topic for this morning’s show. The first caller, Maria, asserts that feelings and emotions, like happiness and joy, are separate from one another yet complement each other at the same time.

“…what happens when a celebrity is called out publically for his alleged past.”

Things heat up with Vitor’s next call from his old friend Raul (António Fonseca). The two were family friends up until a few years ago, as their sons were close. Raul brings up his emotions of anger after the most recent death of his son. He had committed suicide and left a note behind accusing Vitor of some heinous acts when he was eight years old. Vitor immediately begins to deny he did anything wrong, and Raul takes a drastic move.

The Lone Wolf is a quick, dramatic thriller that takes place in a radio booth. All of the action takes place on the phone and masterfully in Adriano Luz’s performance as Vitor. He has to portray an air of guilty innocence in his portrayal. No spoilers, but The Lone Wolf builds a lot of good energy and tension in this he-said/he-said situation, the ending is a bit simplistic but natural, and it works.

For screening information about The Lone Wolf (O Lobo Solitári), visit the H274 Distribution website.

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