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The Last Movie Ever Made

By Ryan Devir | June 27, 2024

Writer/director Nathan Blackwell delivers a heartfelt love letter to film and humanity in his end-of-the-world comedy, The Last Movie Ever Made.

Everyone on earth has received an announcement in their heads from a representative from a future far away universe. The earth and the reality we know as humans are all a simulation, and it has been decided that in 30 days, it’s all going to end. Marshall (Adam Rini), upset with what his life amounted to, decides to spend his final days doing the one thing that brought him joy in life: making a movie with his friends.

Having wasted 15 days partying and having a satiating amount of sex, Marshall has just 15 days left to assemble a crew, write, cast, film, edit, and premiere the 1950s-style sci-fi epic he and his friends never finished in high school.

Understandably, not many people are open to spending their final days making a silly movie, but Marshall’s determination and leading man personality are just convincing enough to wrangle a few friends and strangers into finding meaning in the escapism of moviemaking.

When his leading lady drops out of the film, Marshall reluctantly asks for the help of his ex-wife, Audrey (Megan Hughes Rini), who accepts with the condition that they make amends and that her daughter from another relationship, Bean (Grace Rini) have a small part as well.

Marshall has set out to make something remarkable. The film they create may not win an Oscar, but for the small, no-budget crew, it will change them all forever…and by forever, I mean the next few days.

“The earth and the reality we know as humans is all a simulation…”

The Last Movie Ever Made takes what would normally be a high-stakes, high-anxiety premise (the world ending) and makes it a much more personal and comedically calming experience. This is, of course, achieved by writer/director Nathan Blackwell’s establishing the rules of the world in the film.

In the opening 3 minutes, the audience is informed that the world is ending and that the creators of our universe will keep grocery stores magically full, all utilities functioning, and limit the panic responses in everyone’s brains so as to avoid mass hysteria and violence. This keeps the audience free to be focused solely on the story and less concerned with wondering, “Well if the world was ending, wouldn’t people be starving, looting, and killing each other?!” In other words, the audience is told this is a movie. Just enjoy it.

There is a lost opportunity for raising the comedic stakes in the film, however. As entertaining and engaging as the film is, it isn’t necessarily a side-splitting comedy. It could have benefitted from punching up certain scenes and heightening the humor of characters passively accepting the world is ending. It has the heart, it just needed a little more funny.

The Last Movie Ever Made may not have you laughing out loud, but you will have a smile on your face throughout as this charming cast of misfits joins together with a common goal, ignoring the horror of death and still finding purpose, which not only captures the absurdity and magic of the moviemaking process but of the human spirit.

The Last Movie Ever Made beautifully expresses how film has the power to bring people together and change hearts and minds even during the darkest times. This is a rare gem. Our characters learn something. They grow. They don’t have all the answers. Take note, Hollywood. The film’s final moments reinforce the idea that no matter what or who created our world, it is not for nothing. Find your purpose, hold on to your sense of wonder, and you can change yourself and the people close to you…thus changing the world.

The Last Movie Ever Made (2023)

Directed and Written: Nathan Blackwell

Starring: Adam Rini, Megan Hughes Rini, Craig Curtis, Logan Blackwell, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The Last Movie Ever Made Image

"…a heartfelt love letter to film and humanity..."

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