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Invaders from Proxima B

By Terry Sherwood | June 3, 2024

The b-movies of the 1950s, which were typically horror or sci-fi offerings, have always been a massive favorite of mine. The combination of rubbery creatures from the stars or within the planet emerging to battle lantern-jawed heroes and heroines via cheap effects is pure fun. Writer-director Ward Roberts’s Invaders from Proxima B starts with a spaceship chase and shootout amongst the stars. This animated segment, looking like a cross between an independent video game and Walter Lantz’s designs, is set to a score reminiscent of James Horner’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The plot proper is live-action and follows touring keyboardist Howie Jankins (Ward Roberts). He’s just gotten home for a one-night stay before heading out again. This does not sit well with his wife, Jane (Samantha Sloyan), or daughter Ruby (Bo Roberts). Before long, though, the spaceship from the beginning crashes into the Jankins’ backyard. This sequence looks like the opening of It Came from Outer Space. Howie finds the crash site on fire, but then it disappears suddenly since that’s what space crafts do when you try to prove they exist. Conveniently, this one leaves a trail of green goo behind so it can be tracked.

“…several people, or rather extraterrestrial beings, are after the long-limbed, furry brown alien…”

In a comedic bent on the 1953 War of The Worlds, Howie comes face to face with the pilot of the strange craft, an alien creature named Chuck (Ward Roberts). He remarks, “Don’t tell me you never farted,” as the startled human bangs his head on a beam and knocks himself out. Soon, Howie comes to and learns that several people, or rather extraterrestrial beings, are after the long-limbed, furry brown alien brought to life by puppetry. So, Howie and his family must battle Willie (Richard Riehle) and Marvin Felson (Mike C. Nelson) — a father and son agent wearing Hawaiian shirts, Ester Terrestrial (Sarah Lassez), and Nathan Droogal (Jeremiah Birkett), an exterminator who casts out evil demons. Can Howie save the alien? Does such a crass being even deserve to be saved? For that matter, why are so many people after Chuck anyway?

Invaders from Proxima B uses very little, though some, computer-generated effects, meaning much of this fun romp is practical. Alien faces are masks or latex pieces. Full-body suits for the evil Draconians (a story such as this must always have an evil empire that wants to conquer Earth), while noticeable, are well-used and chockful of detail. The humor and quick pacing make sure that things stay aimed at kids, yet some stakes do exist.

Invaders from Proxima B is a family-friendly space adventure aimed at a younger crowd; think something along the lines of the fun SpaceCamp or Explorers. Kids will enjoy it, and parents who watch with them will also be amused. So, set your phasers for giggles and get ready to be hit by beams of good fun.

Invaders from Proxima B (2024)

Directed and Written: Ward Roberts

Starring: Ward Roberts, Samantha Sloyan, Bo Roberts, Richard Riehle, Mike C. Nelson, Sarah Lassez, Jeremiah Birkett, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Invaders from Proxima B Image

"…set your phasers for giggles and get ready to be hit by beams of good fun."

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