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The Interview

By Alan Ng | October 10, 2023

Two lawyers coach one another for an important interview in Liam Adam Treacy’s comedic short. The Interview. Our story opens in a law office lobby, where the sharp and tidy Mr. Hammond sits alone, engaged in a terse conversation about an upcoming case he’s involved in. Next enters a disheveled Mr. Harrison, overhearing Hammond’s conversation.

Nervous about the interview, Harrison tries to break the ice and discuss his approach. Hammond sits there stoically and ignores Harrison while thumbing through vacation photos on his phone. Harrison takes it upon himself to conduct a mock interview with…himself.

“Harrison takes it upon himself to conduct a mock interview with…himself.”

The Interview is both a character study of two slimy lawyers and a satirical indictment of criminal defense attorneys. The short explores the type of person it takes to defend the guilty and how one would ingratiate oneself into a law firm that does.

The feel of The Interview is like a comedic sketch: set-up, premise, exploration, and punch line. Harrison is just a little too shabby, and Hammond’s pole is shoved a little too far up his a*s. At the same time, The dialogue moves like a sketch and less like an actual conversation. The Interview effectively makes its point in the end…with a nice bow to tie it all together.

The Interview (2023)

Directed and Written: Liam Adam Treacy

Starring: Thain Wesley, Micheal Lake, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Interview Image

"…Hammond's pole is shoved a little too far up his ass."

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