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The Influencers

By Alan Ng | December 21, 2020

Movie studios pay the top actors millions to appear in their films. In contrast, the top tech companies and sponsors will pay social media influencers the same millions to produce somewhat inane content. So what exactly is the difference between seasoned actor Ryan Reynolds and YouTuber Jake Paul? Desiree Staples and Ally Kornfeld’ comedy series, The Influencers, wonders too.

Mia Montgomery (Desiree Staples) has clearly defined life goals. She wants to be a talent agent for the top stars in Hollywood. Or so she tells the pizza guy in the elevator. Full of confidence and fresh ideas, Mia quickly nails her interview for the assistant agent position at ICM. The problem is ICM stands for Internet Celebrity Moguls, and her potential boss, Greg (Jeff Harms), is desperate to fill the position with anyone. Mia is immediately turned off by the idea she would represent YouTube stars and influencers.

“…has clearly defined life goals. She wants to be a talent agent for the top stars in Hollywood.”

Running at just over nine minutes, The Influencers is a comedic sketch lampooning the “insane” world of social media fame and the seemingly odd and lazy ways they earn their fortune. The short inaugural episode is adroitly directed by Burris. It’s cast, while a little over-the-top, finds the right balance of comedy while remaining grounded. The final punchline is good but pretty standard considering the basic premise of the show. In the end, the first episode of The Influencers is fun, funny, and a good start for the series.

The Influencers (2020)

Directed: Katie Burris

Written: Desiree Staples, Ally Kornfeld

Starring: Desiree Staples, Jeff Harms, P.J. McCormick, Daniel Floren, Chris Ruetten, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Influencers Image

"…adroitly produced by Burris."

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