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The Independents

By Bobby LePire | March 8, 2021

The other problem is a confusing scene. When traveling to Los Angeles for their first real performance as a band, they stop for the night at a place where it seems all musicians go. They have to sing for their meal, etc., but how RBG discovered this place and exactly what it is (is it just the home of a massive indie music fan? A B&B catering to touring groups?) is never adequately explained. As such, when they get there, and these people are all singing and expect them to do the same, it makes no sense. This takes the viewer out of the story, as there is no context for what they are seeing.

With all that being said, The Independents proves to be a charming little affair. Naughton, Chartrand, and Price are really good as versions of themselves and, obviously, share remarkable chemistry. It is easy to buy into them bonding so quickly, and their music is quite excellent. Odd comedic asides, well, um, aside, Naughton balances the drama of these people’s personal lives with their passion for music well, allowing the audience members to really root for RBG to succeed.

“The songs…are catchy, sweet melodies…”

Most importantly, the music is fantastic. The songs RGB (which stands for Rich, Greg, Brian, by the b) perform throughout, with one intentional exception, are catchy, sweet melodies that anyone watching will be humming well after the credits roll. The music from other acts shown, which aren’t too many, is also quite good and memorable.

While the full-blown comedic moments do not work, The Independents is an engaging movie with a strong cast and absolutely amazing songs. Greg Naughton’s triple duty of acting, writing, and directing perfectly highlights the passion and drive he and the rest of the cast and crew have for telling this story. If one is not a fan of The Sweet Remains before watching the film, they will be by the time it is over.

The Independents (2021)

Directed and Written: Greg Naughton

Starring: Rich Price, Greg Naughton, Brian Chartrand, Richard Kind, Boyd Gaines, Kelli O'Hara, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Independents Image

"…if one is not a fan of The Sweet Remains before watching the film, they will be by the time it is over."

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  1. Jon Rothstein says:

    Hey Bobby! I watched the film and really dug it. Kudos to you for your nicely balanced review… but I remember that B&B scene you’re talking about, and wasn’t there a very apparent sign that said something like “Music Night” and even pointed out the fact it was an Inn they were stopping at? I even remember getting a pleasant chuckle out of the knowing convenience of that device being in the film. Kismet, as you say 🙂

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