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Sometimes, weird situations make for peculiar movies. In art, it can allow for creativity, but that does not necessarily mean the end result is good. For example, Alexandra Creteau’s The Imperfect Situation is about characters who find themselves in a weird situation resulting in an odd film.

The Imperfect Seduction sees a pizza delivery woman, Mila (Alexandra Creteau), making what she thinks is just another standard delivery. But it turns strange when the man (Taylor West) she is delivering to invites her in. Once she drops the pizza on the table and collects the money, she attempts to leave, only to find that she can’t. The man holds Mila captive as she tries to fight back. But fighting back only makes things stranger in this case. The two start to get to know each other, and both start feeling sympathy for the other one. But does the sympathy last?

“…drops the pizza on the table and collects the money, she attempts to leave, only to find that she can’t.”

Now, the idea of a delivery person getting kidnapped actually intrigued me. I can’t say that I remember seeing a movie, full-length or short, like this before. The film opened up with some nice music, and I was thinking to myself, “Okay, good start, this might be good.” Then the captivity takes place, and things become really weird. Mila fights back and stabs the man in his leg. Then all of a sudden, they start feeling bad about everything simultaneously. It is not that this cannot happen in a real-life situation, but then they go back and forth between having a “good” time to the man wanting to rape her. I doubt that someone looking into the eyes of a potential rapist would then start laughing with them just seconds or minutes later. I could see if the victim is doing it as an act so they can eventually make an escape, but that’s not the case in this short movie.

It does not stop there. It gets weirder when there is a sexual fantasy scene that is comparable to The Room. In fact, The Imperfect Seduction is very similar to that so-bad-it’s-good classic in many ways. The sex scene is not as ridiculous as those from the mind of Tommy Wiseau, but the use of filters during the sex, the strange dialogue, and the constant flip-flopping of the story and characters are much the same. I hope the idea of The Imperfect Seduction gets explored again but in a different, more complete way.

The Imperfect Seduction (2012)

Directed and Written: Alexandra Creteau

Starring: Alexandra Creteau, Taylor West, Jeff Rockland, etc.

Movie score: 2/10

The Imperfect Seduction Image

"…a weird situation resulting in an odd film."

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