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We Follow You

By Alan Ng | March 4, 2021

From the ALTER horror channel comes Brandon Espy’s horror short We Follow You. Set in the not-so-distant present(?), a famed internet influencer, Jane (Zeta Morrison), is in her apartment with her boyfriend, Dennis (David Alan Madrick), along with a freshly-killed man sporting a bullet wound in the head. As the panicked influencer looks out her window and sees a mother pushing her stroller and, in It Follows fashion, spots our heroine and rushes to her, only to be stopped by a locked gate. A split-second later, there’s a banging at the door.

“…in her apartment with her boyfriend…along with a freshly killed man…”

We Follow You runs just over six minutes. In that brief time, writer/director Espy effectively places us directly in the middle of the action. No context is necessary, and over the course of a few minutes, the pieces of a much bigger picture are laid. Zeta Morrison is equally effective at portraying the needed fear and tension for the moment.

Not to give anything away, there’s an overarching theme of our obsession with social media that plays throughout the short. While I am not exactly 100% sure I buy into the ending, We Follow You makes an interesting point about our obsession with internet fame.

We Follow You (2021)

Directed and Written: Brandon Espy

Starring: Zeta Morrison, David Alan Madrick, Vince Turner, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

We Follow You Image

"…theme of our obsession with social media..."

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