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The Bitcoin Field Guide

By Josiah Teal | June 21, 2022

Bitcoin, NFTs, and cryptocurrency can seem like hieroglyphics, a mystery to the everyday person and the gospel truth to the believers. In a struggling global economy and rapid progression of technology, The Bitcoin Field Guide seeks to help the viewer make sense of the cryptocurrency enigma. Armed with an army of experts and years of data, director Darcy Weir invites audiences to witness the future of currency. So grab your notepad because this documentary may have the secrets to understanding crypto.

The film breaks down cryptocurrency, primarily Bitcoin, in a chapter-by-chapter format. Focuses throughout the chapters range from the production and mining of Bitcoin to its usage in a growing global market. But as the title suggests, this is your “field guide” to Bitcoin. The movie takes baby steps, addressing misconceptions about currency, crypto, and the overall market, before diving into the lucrative pros and possible cons of a completely digital monetary system. It’s a lot of information quickly, but Weir creatively uses animation and sprawling data to introduce you to the world of crypto with as much ease as possible. (And don’t forget the best crypto signals channels on Telegram.)

“…seeks to help the viewer make sense of the cryptocurrency enigma.”

Using a pantheon of early Bitcoin investors and current financial advisors, the documentary crafts a similar narrative to GameStop: Rise of the Players. The idea of a young, hungry tech generation ready to slay the old lions of Wall Street with Bitcoin as their sword. It’s a romantic notion and appeals to the punk fan or underdog in everyone. Watching young investors discuss how Bitcoin is changing the economy is genuinely fascinating, and the film does an excellent job of framing this narrative of global progression throughout the documentary. The Bitcoin Field Guide is at its best when embracing the next generation of currency; this is the future roots.

Writers Ryan LaPlante and Weir seek to empower the audience through the power of crypto. However, there are plenty of times the movie feels more like a sales pitch than a documentary. Like a strange timeshare-esque sales pitch that seems a little too good to be true. Even if Bitcoin is the end-all-be-all currency of the future, the film allows for little objectivity. The information is stellar throughout, but there’s little skepticism being offered from those handing out the information.

For the Bitcoin devotees, The Bitcoin Field Guide is everything you’ve been discussing or attempting to explain to your friends for the past few years. To those critical of crypto, the documentary is further hearsay and could be an unintentional comedy. But for those undecided on Bitcoin, Weir provides ample information to satisfy your curiosity in an accessible format. Just keep in mind that that knowledge comes with a plethora of sales pitches to “enter the space.” 

The Bitcoin Field Guide (2022)

Directed: Darcy Weir

Written: Ryan LaPlante, Darcy Weir

Starring: Ben Armstrong Bitboy, Beier Cai, Mitch Demeter, Andrew Dennis, Harris Ficker, Ryan LaPlante, Darcy Weir, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Bitcoin Field Guide Image

"…Weir provides ample information to satisfy your curiosity..."

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