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The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

By Dante James | October 25, 2022

Long before Candace Owens shot The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, there were stories about grifters like Shaun King. King’s a political activist/writer who raised donation money for the deaths of Tamir Rice and Walter Scott. Months later, it was discovered that none of the families of the victims actually received a dime from him. To add to that, he bragged about buying a lavish new home in Lake Front, NJ, the following year.

Since that time, more members of BLM have been exposed as frauds; most recently, the head of the organization, Patrisse Cullors. Owens tries to get an interview with her, and for obvious reasons, that didn’t happen. Cullors took to social media and lied that Candace Owens was trying to push her way into her home with a news crew. In actuality, Owens asked politely for an interview and then left when Cullors refused. Then, documents started appearing as to where Cullors was hiding the money BLM made from donations and sponsors and the people who helped her move the money around. The biggest scandal being Cullors using the funds collected for Black victims of police violence and using it to pay for her girlfriend’s gender-transition procedures and giving the rest of the money to Trans organizations.

“…as a critic, I will always base a film on its merit, not the people involved.”

This is what the whole of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold should have focused on. Instead, we got a surface-level investigation of BLM, and most of the time was spent smearing George Floyd.

Would I Recommend This Movie?

Absolutely not. Whether I like or dislike Candace Owens is irrelevant. I’m not a huge Matt Walsh fan either, but I found his film What is a Woman entertaining, informational, and overall well put together. This film is not any of those things. None of the “facts” presented are anything eye-opening. The interviews were lackluster. And worst, and most importantly, this is just boring.

I was willing to hear Owens out and give her a fair shake. She did not deliver. Spending the majority of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold on talking points we hear every day about who George Floyd was and how he died was pointless. No matter what, depending on which side of the political aisle you stand on, you’re going to believe what your “team” says. No one who isn’t part of Owens’ echo chamber is going to care about this movie based on her opinion of George Floyd. This should have been focused on exposing BLM and all the culprits involved in swindling money off of dead Black bodies.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (2022)

Directed and Written: Candace Owens

Starring: Candace Owens, etc.

Movie score: 4/10

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Image

"…was willing to hear Owens out and give her a fair shake."

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  1. no thanks says:

    I only clicked this article to see if there was any validity tp what the ads were showing. Now I dislike the author of this post for tacking on a small unhelpful paragraph to whatever this was

  2. Josh glory says:

    Did you actually watch it ? Lol

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