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The Court

By Alex Saveliev | May 26, 2020

The film gives off a stale whiff of the 1990s, especially in its casual sexism. There are next-to-no women in the movie, and the ones that are featured happen to be, well, hoes with no personality traits, except to please men or be beaten by them. “Go get in the fu***ng bedroom!” Paulie screams at Angie. “Get the f**k outta here! Get your s**t and go!” In another instance, someone asks about Angie, “So who’s the w**re?” When Joey recollects his first time, he exclaims, “That girl sucks a mean motherf***ing dick!” Perhaps Bracco purposefully emphasized the misogyny prevalent in those circles, but it remains a tough watch in 2020.

“…the banter from the game cast surprisingly rings true…

Yet there are earnest, lovable touches peppered throughout that any aspiring filmmaker or fan should appreciate. Ketchup drips down a tortured man’s face. Random slow-motion shots populate the narrative. Characters speak to themselves out-loud, revealing their motivations. As for those guitar licks… the list goes on and on.

The intentions are so palpably heart-on-the-sleeve, The Court is a difficult film to hate. If you enjoy “so bad they’re good” movies, like, say, The Room, then you may enjoy this (granted, this is a notch above Tommy Wiseau’s disaster). Just don’t come in expecting The Untouchables, another film hilariously referenced by Bracco, who’s also not above copying the trademark Tarantino “inside the car trunk POV” shot. Perhaps it’s best watched in small doses, while inebriated, with a close group of like-minded individuals.

The Court (1998)

Directed and Written: P.J. Bracco

Starring: P.J. Bracco, Fred Berman, Scott Conte, Jeff Mackin, Vinny Vella, Alicia Wells, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

The Court Image

"…perhaps it's best watched in small doses, while inebriated..."

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