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Copper Bill

By Alan Ng | January 22, 2020

Will thieves ever learn that that “one last job” never goes according to plans. Partners turn on partners, some important missing detail, and no one is ever who they seem. Brett Bentman’s Copper Bill is one of those stories. It all starts with the duo of Jessup “The Gambler” Cross (Thom Hallum) and his buddy Mitchell “The Veteran” White (Dustin Rhodes…yes, Goldust). The pair are supposed to be laying low, but Jessup has racked up a massive debt with The Indian (Arthur RedCloud), and he wants his money now. The problem is Jessup has nothing to give.

This is where that “one last job” comes in. Jessup gets word that the leader of the Cowboy Mafia is dead and has $80 million stashed somewhere on his rather large ranch. What makes the job so easy is the ranch is being watched by the fallen leader’s mute granddaughter, Lily (Katy Harris). No problem, right?

“…successfully invade the ranch house and has Lily bound and gagged. They just can’t find the money.”

Well, things don’t go according to plan. Jessup and Mitchell successfully invade the ranch house and has Lily bound and gagged. They just can’t find the money. Lily says she didn’t know there was any money in the first place, but surely she must know something. Time is running out as the Indian is due to arrive with his thugs at the house to collect his debt.

Jessup is desperate but he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Mitchell, on the other hand, is equally desperate and decides that Lily has stalled long enough and resorts to more physical means to get her to talk. The rest of the story is full of double-crosses, lousy timing, gun play, body counts, and a few surprises too.

Copper Bill (2020)

Directed and Written: Brett Bentman

Starring: Thom Hallum, Dustin Rhodes, Katy Harris, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Copper Bill Image

"…we like puzzles to solve..."

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