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Don’t Be Afraid

By Alan Ng | June 6, 2022

A father and son meet at a diner for a serious heart-to-heart in Ben Cable’s short film, Don’t Be Afraid. Running at a brisk minute-thirty, Hank (Ben Cable) talks to his son Ben (Christopher Michael Rose) about what protests were like…back in his day. Not so long ago, protests were dangerous, but Ben reminds him, “…not for the allies.” Either way, everyone came together to stand up for a common cause.

“Not so long ago, protests were dangerous…”

With a short film that ends so quickly, it’s hard to critique its filmmaking technicals appropriately. Though filmmaker Cable doesn’t speak to a specific issue, the storytelling of Don’t Be Afraid speaks directly to what compels us to protest and accept the consequences for standing up for what we believe is right.

Don't Be Afraid (2022)

Directed and Written: Ben Cable

Starring: Ben Cable, Christopher Michael Rose, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Don't Be Afraid Image

"…what compels us to protest and accept the consequences..."

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