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The Chosen

By Alan Ng | April 11, 2020

Over the decades, faith-based films have gotten a lousy rap…deservedly so. I get it. I have well-meaning believers tell me I should watch such-and-such, “It’ll changed your life!” I’m then stunned about how a horribly-produced film ever changed anyone (see Thief in the Night). You have a vast dogmatic audience that is easily offended by anything that’s a little off (especially when it comes to Jesus Christ himself), so religious dramas and comedies are forced to toe the Christian line, which means it offers watered-down boredom and any excitement is dulled or surgically removed.

Christian bookstores and church libraries are littered with dozens of versions of the life of Christ. They all look the same and portray Christ as a superhero dispensing fortune-cookie advice. So, in comes The Chosen from director Dallas Jenkins. Just from the packaging, I thought, “Ugh, I’ve seen this before.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Jesus is pretty much wrapping up his career as a carpenter, and we delve into the personal lives of his future disciples.”

The Chosen is an eight-episode series (of which I’ve seen the first four) taking place before Jesus Christ’s “ministry” begins (look up John The Baptist). This alone is the freshest take I’ve ever seen on the story of Christ and scores huge points with me. Jesus is pretty much wrapping up his career as a carpenter, and we delve into the personal lives of his future disciples.

Here are a few of the storylines we follow in The Chosen. Fishermen Simon Peter (Shahar Isaac) and Andrew (Noah James) find themselves in a bind. The fishing in Capernaum is terrible, they have fallen behind on their taxes, and they make a deal with Roman Magistrate Quintus (Brandon Potter) to turn narc on his deadbeat competition in exchange for clearing their debt. Not paying debts usually involves losing everything and being sold into slavery.

Matthew (Paras Patel) is the newly instated regional tax collection, despised by all, including his family, because he has the legal authority to extract money from commoners. In soap opera fashion, Matthew suspects that Simon Peter is not actually spying on the competition as promised and may be simply delaying his debt payment.

Nicodemus (Erick Avari) is the head Pharisee (religious leader) and is reticent about his role as the public spiritual leader. His authority is put to the test when the Romans insist that he takes care of a demon-possessed woman, Mary M. (Elizabeth Tasbish).

The Chosen (2020)

Directed: Dallas Jenkins

Written: Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson

Starring: Erick Avari, Shahar Isaac, Noah James, Paras Patel, Jonathan Roumie, Elizabeth Tabish, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

The Chosen Image

"…acting is good to exceptional, which is not easy to find in faith-based films."

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  1. Sue Davis says:

    I love this series. I have never felt so close to Jesus. I’ve encouraged friends and family to watch it. I’ve watch the whole series (thru Series 3) more than once. I usually watch an episode every night. I include it in my evening devotional and evening prayer time. When I saw the first episode I started calling friends and family with, “You have got to see this! You’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. If you want to feel close to Jesus, you MUST watch it.” I don’t even know what my church’s opinion on the content. You, Dallas, attend an evangelistic church. Jonathan you are catholic. I am a 7th Day Adventist. It doesn’t matter. Whatever is your denomination is, this is for you.

  2. Allison L says:

    Great review of The Chosen! Have you reviewed season 2 yet? It is by far my favorite show and I am so excited that season 3 episodes 1 & 2 will be coming to theaters soon! I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  3. Dan says:

    The only issue with the Chosen Film is the parts that are not in the Gospel is treated as if it is. Caution is needed to not create things in the Bible that are not there because that confuses people who do not read the Bible. But yes Chosen is a good way to peak interest in Christ Jesus,

    • Leftist Amoeba says:

      How can adding elements to the bible which isn’t in the bible, i.e. giving the Disciples, Mary, and other biblical characters more than a one dimensional portrayal confuse those that HAVEN’T READ the bible?

  4. Kim Butler says:

    Opinions about religion are as varied as the number of different churches as you can see from the comments below. The religious leaders at the time of Christ were not accepting of the teachings of Jesus and so some will find fault with this video in like manner. My experience began with my first viewing and my reaction was… okay, this is interesting. After viewing series 1 three times I am totally into it. Pondering each scene has given me much greater insights and appreciation of the ordinary people who became the followers of Christ. I love watching “The Chosen” and find it hard to stop to go to bed at night. It has filled me and edified me. Will it do the same for you… it depends! It depends on your perspective. If you are a Pharisee, you probably will be offended and call it blasphemy. If you are a believer in Christ seeking for greater insights and understanding, you may have a simular experience to mine. Either way, God Bless You!

    • Dan says:

      One can’t compare this film with differences in Christian denominations ( Christian Churches). True Christian churches all believe in the Core theology as stated in the Apostles Creed. and they also believe in the Christian Bible as the inspired word of God. This Chosen Film is good but it has large parts of it that is from the mind of genius producer Jenkins not found anywhere in the Bible. Try not to confuse this Film with the Bible IT varies from scene to scene.

  5. Commenter says:

    This series takes so many liberties with the true, Holy word of God that it is blasphemous and even demonic. True Christians should steer far and clear of allowing these gross corruption into the mind. Check out Walter Veith, “Total Onslaught”

    • Leftist Amoeba says:

      Pray tell what liberties have been taken and where is your evidence to back up your claim? On a more serious matter, if you were a “true Christian” you wouldn’t feel the need to write such a malicious comment.

    • Dan says:

      Not sure if I would call the liberties Dallas Jenkins takes with the truth in this film as demonic as long as let the viewers know many parts of this film on life of Christ includes parts that are not in the Bible My concern is they are promoting it like it is 100% Bible when it is not. Not Good because large parts of this film is not in the Bible.

      • Ercie Berick says:

        I have not yet seen this film, but I hope to in the future. So far as your concern about Scripture is concerned, are you not aware that the Bible contains many inconsistencies? Also, it is important to recognize all the allegory in the Bible. Jesus used a great deal of allegory when he taught/preached. If one is to take the Bible literally, then one runs into a host of problems one cannot explain away. For example, in the Old Testament, you can learn how to abort a fetus.

  6. kalyani Davidar says:

    It has ceased to be just a movie to me. At 82, I am transported back in time, one with the characters , full to the brim with the spirit of the era, and wouldn’t be surprised if I experience a healing miracle. Jonathan as Christ is so real to me!

  7. John says:

    The filming for season two just started this week. Photos from the set show actors and actresses in period costume and face masks when not on camera. Those jarring images show what unusual times we live in. God bless all involved with The Chosen and keep them safe!

  8. Katrina Rodriguez says:

    Searching for goodness, truth, and human dignity in today’s world of media can be a difficult task. That is why it is refreshing to see The Chosen not only be released, but become wildly popular. The Chosen takes viewers back in time to witness and walk with the disciples of Christ, and Jesus Himself, before and after their ministry began. One of many reasons why I found this series so special is that it is skillfully developed, the acting, the music, the humor, the aesthetically pleasing orientation, these all hook the audience in. What makes the audience stay, however, is the story. Human beings love stories, during His time on earth, Jesus told stories, and now, through this series, Jesus is telling His stories all over again, directly to you. This first season shows so much about human nature through the disciples, which is what many people love about it; it is relevant to experience. This show approaches today’s society in a way that welcomes everyone, not just Christians. This, I feel, enhances the balance that many people look for in media. It can help expand the worldview of others who may not know about who Jesus really was. I believe people are watching this show and learning things they never knew about Jesus and His disciples. This series is truth-filled, respects the dignity of the human person, inspiring, and overall, what we need and should want in today’s media.

    • Guest says:

      Completely agree. The Chosen is refreshing but unfortunately some portions of this film never happened according to comparison with the Christian Bible and people don’t seem to understand that. That seems to be the issue some devout Bible literates take issue with

  9. Teddie McHan says:

    Where did you get the name The Chosen for the movies? Did it come from the story of the potter making his bowls? Where the potter makes some pottery good and some bad . Like some believe God has made some mankind good (the chosen ones) and the rest bad?

    • Kevin Baker says:

      “The Chosen” refers to the people Jesus chose to follow him in his ministry. This includes the 12 disciples and Mary Magdalene, as well as others as his ministry continues.

  10. Walter McLauren says:

    Oops! I meant Dallas.

  11. Walter McLauren says:

    Some of the more “imaginative” moments and ideas remind me of the movie “Son of God.” I wonder what educational background is responsible for the creative expertise of Darrel Jenkins.

  12. jo stone says:

    I discovered The Chosen in December and have binged since then. Countless times. I am so glad you like this too. Never seen such a wonderful representation of all the characters without stuffiness and stiffness. Real people. And a Jesus who is relatable!

  13. Teri says:

    I’ve watched all eight episodes twice.. going in for the third time.. I taught theatre and am a real movie/story/bible nerd AND I love everything about this series!

  14. Brian A Jenkins says:

    I enjoyed watching the eight episodes. I limited myself to two per day and this was no easy matter. I have recommended to friends also. Looking forward to second season.

  15. Nonnie W. says:

    Out of the box storytelling that draws Christians and NonChristians alike. It doesn’t go way outside of scripture or become dry and brittle like so many other faith based productions. The back stories, drama, and humor reminds the viewer Jesus and the disciples were people like us trying to navigate life.

  16. Cathy Kurtz says:

    Loved all 8 films. Very inspiring and moving. It brings the Bible to life!

  17. Sharon Anderson says:

    This is an awesome movie Jesus is man and God with Joy,.laughter and humor.

  18. Judy Casanova says:

    It was so easy to relate to each and every character. So refreshing & it gave reverence to each story taken from the Bible. Beautifully done. God’s hand is on this project.

  19. Pamela Pendergrass says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you

  20. Diane says:

    Is there a 2020 movie called chosen? My radio station said it could be watched for free this week. Otherwise I’ll upload the app for this instead

  21. Rick Schneck says:

    I’ve always appreciated Christian movies about the live of Jesus (except the perverted Last Temptation) and this is by far my favorite. The actors, storylines and production are superb! This ministry is so innovative that they provide the first season free and give you the blessing of supporting them and their ongoing series.

  22. Janice Barclay says:

    How can we see this show? Where is it shown?

    • Lisa says:

      you can get the app from your app store / google play store. it’s called “The Chosen”. In the app you can watch all 8 episodes of season 1 for free!
      you can also go to their website for more information

  23. Shoshana says:

    Another thing, the sheep used in the Temple were raised in the outskirts of Bethlehem by Levite shepherds. There was a place called Migdal Eder out there. The shepherds involved would have been Levites, not just any old shepherds. That does not mean they would have sported trimmed beards or white linen tunics (these were used only during Temple service). The men should sport curly scraggy beards, never trimmed. Young men too never shaved.
    Mariam (Mary) would not deliver a baby on her back but squatting, more likely with a dula there. Would be nice if they used some Jewish/Middle east background music too as well as names (like ‘salvation’ Yeshua).
    Before doing these videos more research and studying of Scripture needs to take place.

  24. Shoshana says:

    Why are so many men in the movie the Chosen sporting little or no beards? Why are they putting their lips to the drinking boots? Back then Jews would not have trimmed their beards as per Torah! As to the drinking gourds, you are supposed to do it inclining your head and the gourd above your mouth so your lips dont touch it.

  25. Cynthia Smith says:

    Best Faith Based production i have ever watched! Love, love LOVE the whole project! Thank u so much for allowing us to be better Christians because of this Masterpiece!

  26. Yy says:

    Keep up the good work: please.

  27. Sunanda David says:

    I so enjoyed watching The Chosen Season 1 (too short a season though…….) and wished it would have gone on and on……in fact I purchased ‘watching time’ (for others) so that I could watch all eight episodes myself!

    The Chosen wonderfully depicts the ‘humanity’ of Jesus without taking away from His Diety! Brilliantly done!

    I’ve always loved Jesus, but the sensitive way in which it has been done, just caused me to love Him more….and encourage others to look at Him too!

    Jonathan Roumi! Wow! What a rendition!!! All the characters are so well done……real people with real-life experiences. Superb!

    Longingly waiting for season 2! A must watch for every human being! The first season was eight episodes long, hopefully the next is longer – though of course, I do understand that it’s not like other ‘soaps’ – it’s a true story – pure and clean.

    Thankyou, Dallas Jenkins! God bless you abundantly. Continue making such heart-touching films! The world needs Jesus’ love!

  28. Cheryl Johnston says:

    I love how The Chosen depicts the realness and transparency of the characters!! That is what helps viewers to relate to them and how they can then have a real relationship with Jesus.

  29. Mary Gibson says:

    God, the creator of the universe came to earth in Human form. Sure, He did, you say, sarcastically. I can’t picture that, like, AT ALL, you say. “I’m not sure I believe that” you shrug. Until you SEE HIM that way! The story called The Chosen takes place in Galilee back in first century Judea. It’s historically accurate showing what the Israelites were suffering during the Roman occupation. And is using culturally appropriate actors that LOOK (and sound) the part! And, is scripturally accurate! What would happen if you were to see, meet and talk to Jesus as a man? The people knew He was coming…they were waiting for the Messiah. But when He appears, He’s seemingly just as normal as they are. In fact, no one suspects anything…except His Mom, for years. Until He’s about 30 to be exact. What if your livelihood and everything you owned was going to be taken away because you couldn’t pay your taxes? Or if you were caught in a hot mess of a life that you couldn’t see to get out of? What if you’d made some pretty lousy choices and it was too late to backtrack? In The Chosen, we see Jesus, as a Man who loves every single one of His children without question. Whose compassion for the hurting brings tears to our eyes. We meet Him as the disciples might have, while fishing. While working. While wallowing in their self pity…and He simply says: “Follow Me.” Get to know the heart of the real Jesus of Nazareth! Come alongside of the disciples as they learn to “Catch Men”. Follow along with them as they meet and transform all walks of life from a Pharisee to the poorest of the poor. You can watch it right now! Go to and download it for free. I think this is one story you won’t want to miss.

  30. Melissa Westman says:

    The Chosen has such an amazing way of drawing you into the story of Jesus.
    I could watch it over and over, unlike other shows. Everyone we’ve shown it to, wants to see more. We can’t wait to see Season Two.

  31. Carolyn Ray says:

    I couldn’t wait to get to watch the next episode after finishing the last one!! It made me feel much closer to Jesus to realize that he, although being Gods son, is a person just like me! I feel like that I can relate to him after watching this and I cannot wait to see season 2!! I loved it!

  32. Ranna says:

    I have watched the first season twice. Cannot wait for season two. Dallas and the rest of the crew have done a wonderful job. May the Lord use this to glorify himself.

  33. LaDonna Plew says:

    The character development is impressive. I’ve never seen anything like it in a faith based production. They did their homework with the historical accuracy. Get used to different with this series.

  34. Scott B. says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your review. The Chosen captures the personality of Jesus Christ….this is what makes the show so stunning.

  35. Brenda Miller says:

    I love hearing people’s stories and how they got to where they are! The Chosen does a fantastic job of telling the back story of others in such a thought provoking way!!! Well Done!!!

  36. Sandy Ryan Popp says:

    This is so well done. I love The sense of humor Jesus’ character demonstrates. We tend to forget that God actually has a sense of humor. He created laughter.

  37. Darlene Scelsa says:

    What an amazing series! We loved it! It makes JESUS and the disciples more relatable. All of the actors are superb! Matthew is my favorite. His response to JESUS is fantastic. The scene with JESUS and Nicodemus is so touching! We can’t wait for Season 2!!!

  38. Christine says:

    This show would get a 10/10 to me! Purely amazing!!! I am so excited for the second season to come out!

  39. Natasha says:

    Thank you for an excellent review of this amazing series. This is the Jesus I also have waited to see portrayed all my 80 years. Wait until you watch 5 to 8!

  40. Bridgette Dieringer says:

    Amen! Thank you for your words.
    Thankful for The Chosen team. Can hardly wait for season 2.

  41. oldesole says:

    To me, Jesus sounds like he has an Italian accent…..Most of the cast sound more American English than Middle Eastern….. Otherwise, I absolutely loved Season 1 and can’t wait for Season 2……just sayin

  42. Terry says:

    From his birth in the pilot episode , his redemption of Mary, then Simon begs him to depart from him for being a sinful man several episodes in. Jesus as a man has been as humble a portrayal as I’ve ever seen ! The anticipation of the disciples calling has had me at the edge of my seat. And the calling of Nicodemus was a unexpected yet welcome scene. I highly recomend this series of 8 episodes for their first season and am compelled to anxiously wait for season two.

  43. Monique Sam says:

    The Truth revealed, the Way directed and the Life shown, to the world, through this movie.
    Each character shows the love of God and his willingness to those who are called sinners….. who never had, those who were looked down on, the poor, the sick, the un welcomed, the immigrant, the educated, the simple and those who would be his enemies, the gentiles of which I am one,. Jesus came for all these.
    This movie screamed out to the world, that Jesus came specifically to seek and safe the lost souls. Wow!!!

    Mary of mandala redeemed, the word spread, the heart of children exposed as the example to follow…the word spread. The water to wine, the word spread.
    The leper healed, the word spread even more, then the cripple healed as a result…the word spread even more….
    The fish catch, revealed the heart of Jesus. Matthew payed attention, the baptizer and Nico’s conversation, left me in tears… The woman at the well, who should be an enemy of his but, Jesus, the messiah, the Christ took the time to show her, her value awe struck!
    Most of the women showed as faithful, I love the way, this movie shows women as valuable even back then….wow.
    Revelation of God’s plan for, Israel and Judah becoming one. In awe, am I!

    I thank you, Mr. Jenkins and all involved I thank you for being obedient to the spirit.
    Can’t wait for season 2 and 3 and four and 5, 6, 7 and 8….
    God is causing “Trouble”, in the realm of the world as we know it.

  44. Charles Saunders says:

    I recently watched The Chosen. Seeing the plausible back story’s of people who encountered Jesus and how He may have impacted them made Him so much more relatable on a personal level I have not experienced in other shows.

  45. Renee says:

    Great series with a fresh take on the life of Christ. Very relatable. It’s amazing that this series is a crowd funded project! Way to think outside the box!

  46. James &Catherine Donovan says:

    Thank you for this film !7

  47. Marcia says:

    This is the best movie about Christ that I have ever seen and believe me I’ve seen many. It has changed the lives of my entire family. Thank you!

  48. Brenda Rucker says:

    The BEST Christian video series ever! This review is on point…the series is addictive. We watch all right episodes at least once a week, starting back when the first four were released. We got hooked watching the pilot video, The Shepherd, and have waited in anxious anticipation for all else to come. If you already know Jesus, you will come to know Him better. If you don’t know Him, you will meet Him in every episode, unforgettably. All thumbs up for The Chosen!!!

  49. Stan says:

    Your wrong about Christian book stores. They don’t carry different versions of Christ. They Carry the Bible. It would be against the Christian faith.

  50. Annette Henigan says:

    Incredible filming, powerful acting! I both wept and cracked up Laughing. Have rewatched each episode and picked up new points, new humor, new insights into the lives and culture of that first century Roman-occupied Judea. So impressed with the historical, cultural and theological accuracy. I have shared my dvds and the phone app with many others and all who have watched are sharing with others. Thanks for this, Dallas Jenkins, cast snd crew!!

  51. E says:

    Amazing and uniquely made. Thank You Dallas!!!!

  52. Nicolette Surico says:

    I appreciate your commentary for, “The Chosen”. I loved how it brought the stories to life. Iv disagree with your assessment of Mary and PTSD though. I work with many survivors. Yes, they do behave in many of the ways that was demonstrated. I also think there was certainly PTSD involved, but that is not to say there were no demonic forces at work.

  53. Alex says:

    I really liked The Chosen.. have watched it several times. Really like its free for anyone to watch. Gives you a view of a Jesus people can finally see as human and close.

  54. Mackenzie Dodge says:

    Thank you for getting the word out! “People must know”.

  55. Angelia Graham says:

    Yes!!! This series has drawn me closer to my faith…i confess i binge watch especially on bad days. The lighting set and the prospective view of the director are amazing. And when you watch the behind the scene shots you see a sincere Christian director in Dallas Jenkins working hard on his vehicle of spreading the word (bringing the fish and loaves).. the actors are sincerely dedicated to this mission also …so excited to see season 2

  56. Theresa Chrisman says:

    I really enjoyed this show. You can relate and understand the people being portrayed.

  57. Gail says:

    Very good series. I have watched each episode a few times. It brings history and culture to a new level. Also the writing brings these people to an emotional level that you just fall in love with them. They face the same trials and wonderment we all encounter.
    This series was life changing for me.
    And I can’t wait for more series.

  58. MintCondition³ says:

    Isn’t Season 2 out, or not yet?? If public funding continues, they’re hoping to produce up to 7 or 8 Seasons. If you enjoy it so far and/or want others to have opportunity to see watch more of this life-changing Truth, consider supporting The Chosen team by donating to their crowdfunding. Once these are produced, they could potentially be viewed for generations to come.

  59. Kirk Pedrero says:

    I loved this series. Once anyone starts watching it, they will want to see the next episode. Truly enjoyed all 8 episodes.

  60. Susan says:

    I have seen very “cheesy” Jesus films…..this one is definitely NOT cheesy……how refreshing!

  61. Annette Evans says:

    I too abhor the mediocre acting and predictable storyline that usually comes with faith based films, but this is a completely new thing! A backstory has been created for all the known characters of the Bible that make them so easily relatable to our lives today. A very well written script and the acting is exceptional! A must watch for Christians and non Christians alike. It’s a really good show!

  62. Barbara Moon says:

    I have watched this series over and over and over. It never gets old. I have chills every time in certain places. Thank you for a good review. Jonathan Roumie ‘s portrayal of Jesus certainly is different than all the other portrayals out there.

  63. Mary Stroud says:

    Best show I’ve seen in years! When you see it to the end you know how amazing God is to take this rag tag team of people and used them to spread His love around the world! High quality in film, acting, and set design!

  64. Pam Perkins says:

    The Chosen is an amazing series truly blessed by our Lord and Savior in the making. Thank you for this review, which is spot on. A must see for the Christian and the non-Christian

  65. Bill Meeker says:

    I have watched all 8 episodes of the Chosen and loved it. I have never seen such a moving portrayal of the very human and flawed early followers of Jesus Christ. To see Jesus with a sense of humor and compassion is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. I highly recommend the Chosen to everyone.

  66. Joe says:

    Binge watched these 8 episodes as soon as we were able. Can’t get enough and are anxious for the next season. Woohoo 🙌🏼 Best I’ve experienced about Jesus and those He interacts with! Well written and well worth watching!

  67. Erin says:

    Dude, wait till you see episodes 5-8. ‘Cause if you think the first 4 were good… hold on.

  68. Deborah(Debbie) Shaw says:

    This show is so inspiring and brought so much clarity to scripture that I had not seen before. I am learning more and more about God;s Word every time I watch this show!! I cry on every episode and the labor of love and such phenomenal actors is overwhelming!

  69. Kristin Regans says:

    I agree, super refreshing and well done: episodes 4-8 are even better. Can’t wait to see more of The Chosen.

  70. Uhtred says:

    Ive watch it! Wonderful series…

  71. Zenny Sadlon says:

    This is truly unlike any other movie or TV series about Jesus. First of all, the first completed season of this show (8 episodes) is not so much about Jesus, as it is about the people he’d meet and interact with. When he shows up at the end of the first episode, it is at The Hammer, a watering hole local fishermen and others come to to unwind. Only one person has a run-off the mill encounter with him at the pub, and then a shocking experience on the outside while retreating from him.

    The people in the show have real lives with real-life situations and problems. When the rumors about some guy who’s so different start reaching the ears of people like Simon, there’s no rush to believe and follow. But strange things are happening to and witnessed by people who are as rational and down-to-earth as you and I. Tensions start surfacing in individual relations and in the public places.

    The people in the towns and villages speak like real inhabitants of such places, not as awe-struck rubes listening to and speaking in refined sentences and polished tones. They are truly the great unwashed, living under the oppressive Roman rule, being over-taxed, disrespected, scorned and insulted. While many are expected the promised Messiah, Savior of Israel, when he shows up, he’s nothing like what they imagined or wanted. He’s all flesh and blood man, works with his hands, is funny, and doesn’t lord it over anybody just because He knows who He is, where He’s coming from and where He’s going. The acting is very good, the characters are believable, cinematography outstanding, music score fresh. Watching the show you feel as if transported into the places where the stories are happening. You can easily understand and relate to the different people. With each new scene you’re getting pulled into their world. Before you know it, you’re “binging” the show.

    Now wonder it’s becoming a phenomenon worldwide. Anybody with a pocket computer, commonly referred to as a smart phone, can quickly download and install The Chosen app and start watching the show for free (because the fans are prepaying episodes to be streamed). People are watching the show on their phones or other mobile devices or casting it to their TVs without any subscription or rigamarole, simply clicking “Watch on TV” and choosing their gizzmo (Roku, firetv, AppleTV, androidtv, or even computer cable or DVD/Blu-ray).

    It is the biggest crowd-funded media project in history, doubling the previous record of some $5 million. The fans have already supplied one-a-and-a-quarter million dollars needed to fund the first episode of season two. You don’t have to believe anything to watch this amazing show. Don’t let past experience with faith-based movies and shows or your fear of being preached-to prevent you from spending some good time watching a very engaging show on your TV.

  72. Margaret Wylie says:

    The first film I watched was the Shepherd, and I was hooked! The characters seem like someone we all know. I have seen the first 8 waiting impatiently for the next season!

  73. Charmaine says:

    I’ve seen the whole first season and I found the script writing was stellar. The acting is superb and it keeps you wanting to see more.

  74. Chuck Lee says:

    Good article/review. One exception, Mary WAS demon possesed. The Bible tells us she was. People of that day may have misdiagnosed mental health issues but God did not. She.was.demon.possesssed.

  75. Joyce says:

    Ive watched all 8 episodes multiple times. All are very good & encouraging. Love them all!! Everyone should watch!

  76. Louise Masad says:

    I loved it , it’s a wonderful series. I’m going to watch it again !

  77. Pat says:

    My heart leapt watching this. I laughed and wept. Film is well done! Loved the narrative so much that I binge watched all 8 episodes, paid it forward and bought the DVD. And sharing with others. Even some of my unsaved family is “wanting” to watch it!

  78. Darlene Padlesky says:

    Wonderful series, so fresh, so real. It comes at a time when our worlds feel like they are colliding. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. I’m amazed and grateful for the many lives that this movie is touching. Looking forward to Season two. God bless and thank you Chosen Team.

  79. Mendy Stucki says:

    Remarkab is e show. I see me in alot of the characters

  80. Vicki says:

    Okay, so I watched it and the agony of the tormented woman in the first episode hooked me! The change in her was so cool and gave me hope for friends who have demons of their own. Then I saw the episode with the kids. Really cool. Your review is spot on.

  81. Bob Taylor says:

    Thank you, I will Definitely check this out. I liked his movie about Gavin Stone.

  82. Ann Danshaw says:

    The Chosen has opened up a whole different view of the life of Christ It definitely made the biblical words ‘fully God and ” fully man” resonate in my heart and mind. The followers of Christ ,as they were asked to follow him and getting to know them as real people with problems that we have in our time makes this depiction of this ageless story more relatable! Add to this, it could’ve been their situations. Great series!

  83. Cyndi Hensrud says:

    This is such a good series! Kept me on the edge of my seat! Can hardly wait for season 2!!!!!
    Thank you Dallas Jenkins and crew! Amazing portrayal of the people and history!!!!!

  84. Teresa Daniels says:

    So amazingly written, and so real, it makes scripture that I’ve read for many years come to life. The setting, the scripts, the actors/actresses, the music….it all intertwines in the most inspirational mini series I have ever seen. And it will keep you anxiously awaiting the next season.

  85. Brenda Rucker says:

    The Chosen us the absolute BEST Christan film tv production I have ever seen. We were sold with the pilot video The Shepherd, and we’ve been hooked ever since. We love Season One and anxiously await what is to come! Lovin’ it.

  86. Cynthia Avalos says:

    This is such a great tv show. Unlike anything else in the genre.

  87. Kim McInnis says:

    I found it so refreshingly well done. Not that ‘B’ movie feel like so many faith films. It’s really great watching.

  88. Dr. Suzy Moravick says:

    The Chosen is a beautiful portrayal of Jesus Christ and those whose lives intertwined with HIS. We get to see the humanity of Almighty God in the flesh, stunningly portrayed by Jonathan Roumie. The Chosen is a must for everyone, Believers, non-Believers, seekers of the Truth, skeptics, etc. You will not be disappointed.

  89. Linda Kirk says:

    I agree with your positive review of this series – the characters are believable and the storyline created would follow along with how they are spoken of individually in the Bible. Very thoughtfully written and beautifully filmed, well done! Glad you agree!

  90. Jodi Brown says:

    Fantastic! I live and appreciate this review. What a beautiful series Dallas Johnson and team have created.

  91. Shelly Smith says:

    I watched The Chosen and loved the fact that a biblically inspired show could envoke so much thought and emotion. These characters / situations are so real that they keep you wanting more.

  92. Leslie Booth says:

    One of if not THE best faith movie/series I’ve seen! Very easy to relate to all the characters and I look forward to them developing the characters further! Thank you for not bashing it and for being honest! Or am I just happy you agree with me? But I would’ve given it at least a 9. I am thankful Dallas et al has produced this but I believe it’s inspired.

  93. Camille J Harman says:

    The Chosen is a godsend. It is positively affecting people all over the world. Thank you, Dallas and everyone else involved.

  94. Jack Arnold says:

    I appreciate your objective assessment and positive comments.
    God is blessing this abundantly. I love it so much.

  95. Sheryll says:

    Love this show!!!

  96. Tammy Lambert says:

    What a great review you have done of The Chosen! This show has had such an impact on my life and brought me closer to Jesus. All eight episodes of Season 1 are available for free on The Chosen app in all the app stores and it easily can be transferred to your TV in multiple ways. It’s also on PureFlix and the DVD is available to purchase on the app. Thanks again! Loved your awesome review and, oh, the show has some great humor also! PS…..the song grows on you!

  97. Debra Nardi says:

    The most transforming , healing, touching and informative version of the Life Of Christ.

    Beautifully Written and fabulous casting. Kudos to Jonathan Roumie for this honor to be “Chosen” for this life changing spirit movie series…. Looking forward to further episodes!

  98. Hannah Widener says:

    I can’t wait to see this review once you finish the rest of the season. I suspect you’ll be even more impressed. Also, watching the round table discussions, live YOUTUBE streams and following social media threads adds to The Chosen experience. You’ll feel like family as you participate in discussion with cast and others from the series.

  99. Jennifer Klessens says:

    Hi Alan,

    I very much enjoyed reading your take on the first four episodes of “The Chosen”. Jonathan Roumie has shared it on his Facebook page. I, in turn, will be sharing this article on my Facebook page.
    I agree with you on how wonderfully portrayed Jesus and the other Gospel characters are in this series. Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to watch episodes 5-8 and have seen just how well done they are as well.
    I wish you every success.

  100. Tippy says:

    This is a must watch! It will give you all the feels. The Chosen makes you want more of it! The characters are perfect for their part and they’re not to shabby to look at! Lol

  101. Tricia says:

    As someone who has watched all episodes and has been a part of this project from the beginning, I appreciate your thoughts and write up. I am also an avid movie watcher and cringe at most faith based films mainly because of the acting and daytime drama feel. I would like to make just one small comment regarding your interpretation of Mary. The Bible was very clear she was demon possessed and not by just one but many as in “legion”. Your interpretation states “Mary shows what it’s like to be a woman perceived as demon-oppressed, but in actuality, suffers from severe PTSD. This dangerous spirit-based diagnosis still goes on in the church today.” Thank you again for your review.

  102. Lisa Troxell says:

    This movie “The Chosen” will Chang your life! You will want to watch it over and over again, because what this movie makes you feel in your soul, leaves you searching, thinking about your relationships.
    I do believe this movie has been blessed by our Lord Jesus 🙌🏻 ❤️

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