By Eric Campos | August 17, 2003

Mickey once asked Mallory if she believed in fate. They then went on a major countrywide killing spree which ended with them having kids and heading for the hills as a happy family. That was their fate. Come hell or high water, they were destined to always be together. “The Chester Story” also tells a touching tale of fate bringing people together in the face of adversity…minus the rampant slaughter of course.
The peaceful tranquility of the southern town of Chester is disturbed one evening as a man wanders in to the middle of the street, drunk on rotgut and happiness over his lottery winnings, and winds up causing a traffic accident culminating in his death. Oops. Involved in the accident are Megan, who is making a stop in Chester to pay a visit to her fiancé, and Ray, who is reluctantly returning to his hometown to be by his dying mother’s side. This one tragic event winds up kicking off a series of events that proves that good can actually come from some of the worst situations, such as the chance uniting of strangers, Megan and Ray, which turns into romance. That’s fate for ya. Remember that tickly, feel-good sensation you got while watching Field of Dreams? (Go on, admit it.) Apply that same feeling here in “The Chester Story.”
Rebecca Bagley Cook’s touching film provides plenty of eye candy with its gorgeous North Carolina landscape, a kick in the pants to go out into the world and experience life, and a story that the whole family can get into. Seriously, how many good family movies ever get made? And I’m not talking about the garbage that gets dumped into theaters almost on a weekly basis that exist only to sell merchandise. Not very many. So you want to see a real movie and not a 90-minute commercial? Here’s “The Chester Story.”

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