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The Alpines

By Kyle Bain | February 12, 2021

The music is often somber in tone, drawing on a deep-seated fear in viewers regarding what might happen next. Audiences are enveloped in an intimate film, and the music drives them deeper down the rabbit hole of a world of confusion and unease. There is a juxtaposition of music and near silence that resonates and makes each and every moment intense. Due to the fact that the music is so forceful, those moments of silence are deafening, and being strategically placed throughout the movie gives them the most meaning and the most bearing on the overall story.

“…those moments of silence are deafening…”

The acting as a whole is, in its worst moments, only adequate, and in its best, perfect. There is a clear range in ability among the young talents, but never, not even for a second, are viewers given anything they could possibly consider unacceptable. Each and every actor possesses incredible talent, but one actor, in particular, steals the show: Daniel Victor as Roger Patterson. Each person has their moment to shine, and they do, but Victor’s opportunity presents itself at a pivotal turn in the plot, and he delivers an incredibly realistic and heartfelt performance that touches viewers and has them on edge. In addition, Victor is the most consistent of the cast as he is regularly able to appeal to viewers, making the journey one of true uniqueness.

The best films obviously include stellar acting, makeup, direction, etc., but the significance of every aspect of creating a motion picture is rarely as apparent as in The Alpines. There are moments of awe regarding the makeup, the setting, the writing, and the chemistry between the actors that add to the level of admiration that viewers have for everything they just witnessed. The layers of the story ably express how wonderfully talented Aubain, Corrigan, and the rest of the cast and crew are. This movie is wonderfully original, beautifully twisted, and a testament to what each of the actors is capable of. I fully expect to see every one of them in multiple features (as leads) in the future. The Alpines, with its never-ending onslaught of twists and turns and its deep, psychological expression, plays out as a symphony of sophistication and success.

The Alpines (2021)

Directed: Dante Aubain

Written: Mally Corrigan

Starring: Aaron Latta-Morissette, Mally Corrigan, Katrina Diehm, Jessie Mac, Niguel Quinn, Michael Taveira, Daniel Victor, Stephen Kazakoff, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

The Alpines Image

"…a symphony of sophistication and success."

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