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Team Marco

By Kyle Bain | November 20, 2020

Gambuto’s message is what stands out the most throughout the film. While the theme is important, the understanding gained from Team Marco that family and friends are the most valuable things that you have in the world is, without a doubt, the most essential aspect of the film. Further detailing what takes place throughout, concerning family and friends, would simply ruin the movie.

The success of Team Marco rests almost entirely on the shoulders of the 13-year-old Vaccaro, which can be scary, but pays off in the end. Vaccaro is charismatic, energetic, engaging, and full of vigor. As he portrays Marco beginning to understand the importance of everything else around him, Vaccaro appears to grow with him. The actor seems to transform from a boy yearning for his one chance to shine into a young man who has fully accepted this task and emerges victorious as the star of the show. This young man clearly has a bright future ahead of him.

“…Gambuto throws a curveball and draws them further into the already impressive story and engaging characters.”

Team Marco is a story of when people meet technology in a collision that is sure to damn everything in sight. Gambuto’s life-altering metaphors are a game-changer in the world of PG-rated comedy that can entertain audiences of all ages. From young boys and girls who appreciate the technological aspect to seasoned adults who can fully appreciate the sentiment behind spending time with loved ones, there is something for everyone in Team Marco.

As viewers think they have figured everything out, Gambuto throws a curveball and draws them further into the already impressive story and engaging characters. Team Marco is a pleasant surprise in a world that can be quite cruel to comedies. I am genuinely impressed with the passionate acting, the compelling story, and the deep, moving metaphors. This film is sure to please everyone who watches.

Team Marco (2019)

Directed: Julio Vincent Gambuto

Written: Julio Vincent Gambuto, B.R. Uzun

Starring: Owen Vaccaro, Anthony Patellis, Anastasia Ganias, Louis Cancelmi, Jacob Laval, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Team Marco Image

"…Vaccaro is charismatic, energetic, engaging, and full of vigor."

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