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Sunny Side Up

By Alan Ng | December 1, 2020

A coin has two sides. Consider our current quarantining during this pandemic situation. For many, it’s been pure hell. For others, it’s like heaven. While Mike Melo’s Sunny Side Up was filmed long before COVID, I’m sure his main character is loving the solitude that comes with forced isolation.

Gregory (Hunter Davis) suffers from an almost debilitating case of social anxiety. From the start, we are dropped right into Greg’s shoes. We become privy to every single horrifying thought in his head. The voices are like a chaotic work meeting. There’s a lead voice dominating his thoughts, with other equally annoying voices chiming in to either emphasize or contradict the lead.

“We become privy to every single horrifying thought in his head.”

Today is not an especially good day for our hero. Greg’s anxiety has made interpersonal interaction with his funeral home co-workers difficult, and his boss decides that he needs to take a 30-day leave of absence. Tormented by the decision, Greg’s only way of coping is to stock up on a month’s worth of groceries and lock himself inside his apartment for the duration.

When the power in his apartment goes out, Greg’s life of solitude is challenged. He hears people talking outside his window, where he inadvertently makes eye-contact with his neighbor, Emma (Samantha Creed). Curious, Emma knocks on Greg’s door, asking him if his power went out. He refuses to respond and hides in the shadows. She won’t leave and tries to strike up a conversation through the door, but Greg plays invisible until she gives up. As the days pass, Emma becomes a guardian angel for Greg’s social life and thus, kickstarts an interesting relationship.

Sunny Side Up (2020)

Directed and Written: Mike Melo

Starring: Hunter Davis, Samantha Creed, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Sunny Side Up Image

"…here to say you're not alone."

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