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Skin Creepers

By Enrique Acosta | September 16, 2019

Limp and lifeless. Skin Creepers is about a low budget porn shoot getting derailed when a demon possesses the body of the star performer. We’ve all been there, right? But that is the basic plot of Ezra Tsegaye’s horror/comedy. The whole thing starts with an exorcism then switches abruptly to two young filmmakers, the Jensen Brothers, trying to secure a cast and location for a shoot. Which, I’ll confess, is a little confusing. I did wonder what one had to do with the other. We’re all set up for a typical exorcism scene, and we smash cut to two guys wallowing through the muck of indie filmmaking. Lying, making promises they can’t keep, and dealing with sketchy folks all for the sake of their project. Well, it turns out the filming location is the site of the exorcism we saw in the first scene. And things didn’t go well. Like at all. Which leads to their very expensive star getting possessed, attacking her supporting cast, and the hilarity ensues.

“A low budget porn shoot gets derailed when a demon possesses the body of the star performer…”

Now, I do have to say, for an indie film, Skin Creepers looks great. It’s well shot, the sound is good, the effects aren’t offensive, and the acting is better than you’d expect. All in all, Skin Creepers is a well-crafted piece of cinema that is has a level of polish and professionalism. That being said, it just didn’t do anything for me. I found myself utterly disinterested in the story and unfazed by the horror.

Perhaps the fault is in me. I have yet to see a German comedy that actually made me laugh. But then I’ve only seen three. So hey, if you like German comedy comment down below. Let me know some titles I should try to watch, or maybe try to explain their comic sensibility to me.

Skin Creepers (2019)

Directed: Ezra Tsegaye

Written: Ezra Tsegaye, Sebastian Kühne

Starring: Nicolas Artajo, Nicholas Szent, Annika Strauss, Dieter Landuris, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

Skin Creepers Image

"…has a level of polish and professionalism..."

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