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Skater Zombies: The Villain

By Josiah Teal | October 19, 2023

Pro-skater Richie Jackson stars in a post-apocalyptic film featuring mysterious drug use and a zombie skater girl titled Skater Zombies: The Villain. Written and directed by Eileen Yaghoobian, the sci-fi short focuses on the flamboyant anarcho-king of the apocalypse known only as “The Villain” (Richie Jackson). After capturing a scavenger, Kris (Jacques Grimbeek), in his junkyard kingdom, the Villain gives his prisoner a choice between the best acid trip of his life or certain death.

“…the Villain gives his prisoner a choice between the best acid trip of his life or certain death.”

Clocking in at about five minutes, Skater Zombies: The Villain quickly establishes frenetic camera work and an engaging title character. Writer/Director Eileen Yaghoobian’s intense use of drone footage is impressive. Soaring through destroyed cars and circling through the massive junkyard, the creative use of drones makes a small-budget chase sequence into one of the strongest scenes in the film. The chase and characters ooze a 1970s cult film aesthetic. Jackson’s performance further highlights the cult attitude, giving the character of The Villain a constant sense of deranged charisma.

More story is needed for Skater Zombies: The Villain to satisfy a complete plot, even by the narrative standards of a short film. However, the intense action, Yaghoobian’s creative camera work, and Jackson as “The Villain” make this a memorable adventure into the end of the world. What the film lacks in actual story still has plenty of merit as a proof of concept for a deranged psychedelic midnight viewing, one that I would happily watch.

Skater Zombies: The Villain (2023)

Directed and Written: Eileen Yaghoobian

Starring: Richie Jackson, Jacques Grimbeek, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Skater Zombies: The Villain  Image

"…ooze[s] a 1970s cult film aesthetic."

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