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Sin City Psycho

By Paul Parcellin | November 3, 2018

If being locked in a hotel room with Pauly Shore isn’t torture enough, imagine being the poor woman (Sharon Gardner) who is bound to a chair and menaced by the Encino Man actor.

In Sin City Psycho, a short directed by and starring Shore, deranged vigilante Donavan (Shore) has a captive audience in the kidnapped adulterer Tiffany (Gardner). The two met in a Vegas nightspot, we learn, and after retiring to Donavan’s high-rise suite overlooking the strip, the unbalanced aging hipster plans to snuff his philandering prey. Just to keep things on the non-gender biased, non-misogynistic side, his sister, Ione, whom we never see or hear, is allegedly in an adjoining room, similarly tormenting a male unfortunate trapped under the same circumstances. It’s nice to see siblings with things in common.

“…deranged vigilante has a captive audience in a kidnapped adulterer…”

Both Shore and Gardner play their rather routine roles ably, but the story has a remarkably unlikely twist followed by an even less likely turn of events. Both revelations have that “jotted down on a cocktail napkin at 1 a.m.” feel to them.

All of which reinforces the oft-repeated pearl of wisdom no doubt generated by a team of well-paid marketing professionals, which can be usefully paraphrased here: Some things that happen in Vegas really ought to stay in Vegas.

Sin City Psycho (2018) Directed by Pauly Shore. Written by Pauly Shore and Tommy Tallarino. Starring Pauly Shore, Sharon Gardner.

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