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By Alan Ng | August 27, 2021

I suppose love was never meant to be easy. In Martin Ponferrada’s short film, Si, Carlo (Carlo Sardon) meets Anita (Luz Rodriguez-Basavilbaso), and the attraction between the two is instant. So much so that Anita invites Carlo back to her apartment.

As Anita pours a nightcap, she asks Carlo if he’s ever been roofied. Confused by the question, Anita confesses to him that that had happened to her during a trip to Cancun. As the two begin making out on Anita’s couch, Carlo has second thoughts about proceeding, and the two enter into a discussion about coercion and consent.

“…has second thoughts about proceeding, and the two enter into a discussion about coercion and consent.”

Si is all about the discussion about consent and not from the traditional “no” response, but from the perspective of women, who say, “Si.” What does “yes” mean when it comes from a woman who has been raped in the past? What does it mean when the man says “no” out of concern and respect?

In the end, the drama makes a powerful statement about being broken. Si is a short film that will spark an essential conversation about love and dating in these times.

Si (2021)

Directed and Written: Martin Ponferrada

Starring: Carlo Sardon, Luz Rodriguez-Basavilbaso, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Si Image

"…makes a powerful statement..."

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