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Second Hand

By Alan Ng | October 3, 2022

Omar Juarez’s short film, Second Hand, wonders if that reflection in the mirror is more than a mere reflection.

Joseph Roberts plays a man who finds a second-hand mirror in good shape out by the trash on the street. The man brings it home, where it finds a nice spot in his living room. While dressing in front of the mirror, he notices his reflection mirroring his actions, but only slightly. He soon realizes it’s a version of himself on the other side. Initially, the man is freaked out, but soon the two become best friends. This can’t lead to good things.

“…he notices his reflection mirroring his actions, but only slightly.”

Though listed as horror, Second Hand is more of a light, sci-fi thriller. The nature of the story reminds me a lot of The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents in merely taking a simple idea of a reflection and telling an intriguing yet creepy story behind it.

Filmmaker Omar Juarez tells his story without dialogue, a risk that pays off. The story is simple, builds well as a thriller, and delivers a very sci-fi twist ending. The short film’s only weakness is the cinematography. The angles are pretty standard and bland. This narrative really needs more interesting shot composition to help boost the story along with the mounting tension of the story.

Who is that looking at you in the mirror? Omar Juarez’s Second Hand will tell you exactly who.

For more information about Second Hand, visit the Bad Splice Instagram page.

Second Hand (2022)

Directed and Written: Omar Juarez

Starring: Joseph Roberts, Mike McMullin, Brittany Martz, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Second Hand Image

"…builds well as a thriller, and delivers a very sci-fi twist..."

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