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Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie

By Bobby LePire | April 20, 2021

Based on the title, Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie, and it being called inspiring two paragraphs up, it is safe to assume that the following is not a spoiler: the two friends finish their opus, and it is presented as part of the documentary. That is all well good, but annoyingly, Jesse Suchmann interrupts the short to explain where certain scenes or ideas came from. While this does not break from the style of the documentary, it absolutely disrupts the momentum. A prom sequence in the short is paused to explain where it came from in real life. Why not weave that information into the behind-the-scenes stuff that proceeds the short? This happens a handful of times and is frustrating each time.

“…quite inspiring, and any struggling filmmaker will find hope as they watch it play out.”

The other issue present is a matter of needing more context. See, Providence, RI, is where the Farrelly brothers hail from. One half of that comedic filmmaking duo, Peter, sits down and talks to the two friends about their project. How did he hear about it? Did he approach them after learning of their desire to make a film? Did Jesse Suchmann or someone else on behalf of the production contact him? Understanding this would help really cement just how large of an impact on the community the movie had. Without knowing more, it is sweet to see but confusing, as what hand Farrelly has, aside from offering encouragement, is not clear, as he is not listed in the credits for Spring Break Zombie Massacre. Overall, this entire moment feels kind of pointless.

Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie is a lively, energetic affair, bolstered by its titular subjects infectious and winning personalities. While it is a bit flawed, the documentary pulls all the right heartstrings and proves to be an inspiring and joyous view of the creative process and the never-ending drive to follow one’s dreams. Here’s to Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt. May their next endeavor be as equally successful and fulfilling.

Sam And Mattie Make A Zombie Movie (2021)

Directed: Jesse Suchmann, Robert Carnevale


Starring: Sam Suchmann, Mattie Zufelt, Peter Farrelly, Conan O'Brien, Jesse Suchmann, Robert Carnevale, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Sam And Mattie Make A Zombie Movie Image

"…a lively, energetic affair, bolstered by its titular subjects infectious and winning personalities."

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  1. Madeline Brumby says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful review, Bobby! So glad you enjoyed it! Rock on go wild!

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