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By Alex Saveliev | March 12, 2021

But no, these girls just wanna have fun. They observe the proceedings and then partake in the festivities in an extremely extended, slo-mo sequence, wherein malevolent spirits possess them. Upon their return to the mansion, the ladies start to trip out: one sees herself aging in a mirror (I think there’s an app for that effect); another gets freaked out by a bug (no, really); there’s the Rottweiler who may or may not be real… and then they all start to die.

As if the aforementioned plot weren’t riddled with enough clichés, the writer/director finds time for an awkward lovemaking sequence and a weird lady warning the girls that they are “in grave danger” before she explains the plot to them and the audience. All of this is accompanied by a loud foreboding soundtrack, signifying way more than actually occurs on screen. Sacrilege takes forever to get going and then takes even longer to end.

“The prologue comes close to being effective...”

While the acting leaves a lot to be desired, one can’t really blame the cast. Although more talented performers would have at least imbued their cardboard characters with a modicum of depth, they’d still have to overcome the awkward editing, the soapy melodrama, and the lack of any ostensible scares or tension. Sure, bravo for having an all-female cast and a queer couple, but Creed’s feature-film debut does more of a disservice to both females and the LGBTQIA community by making them so utterly devoid of personality traits.

One could watch Sacrilege for sh*ts and giggles, I suppose. I’m just surprised that no one, not one single person in the entire crew, at any point before, during, or after production came up and said, “Mate, this is pure bollocks.” Respect, then, must be given to Creed and the cast and crew for having the courage of their misguided convictions.

Sacrilege (2021)

Directed and Written: David Creed

Starring: Tamaryn Payne, Emily Wyatt, Sian Abrahams, Naomi Willow, Emma Spurgin Hussey, etc.

Movie score: 3/10

Sacrilege  Image

"…respect, then, must be given to Creed and the cast and crew for having the courage of their misguided convictions."

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